The family denies being dropped from Channel 4


New Gogglebox Family The Baggs have beaten back rumors that they have already been kicked off the show.

It was reported on Thursday that the family had been released after just one season.

A source claimed they would never be on the show again.

The source told The Daily star: “The Baggs family is no longer on the show and will no longer perform.

“They only lasted one series. It was short and sweet. “

The Baggs family debut was short-lived (Credit: Channel 4)

How did the Baggs react?

However, the Baggs say it just doesn’t.

On Lisa, mother Lisa Baggs said that this report was a “LIE”.

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She shared a screenshot of the article and wrote, “I can categorically say this is a total LIE!

“Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot film the current series.

“Channel 4 has been wonderful to work with and we hope to be back someday soon.”

Her fans gathered around her and said they couldn’t wait for her and her family to return.

Baggs goggle box
The Baggs are from Essex (Image credit: Channel 4)

One user commented: “Oh my god, that scared me so much xx.”

While another user wrote: “I can’t wait to see you there again. “

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And a third fan wrote: “Don’t worry, we can’t wait to see you again!”

What did Joe Baggs say about Gogglebox?

Meanwhile, eldest son Joe took to his own Instagram to deny the story.

He also admitted that his family had some backlash with viewers on social media.

Joe wrote on his Instagram stories, “This is frustrating to bring up, but we haven’t been dropped. Due to the lockdown, there aren’t enough cameras to reach the full cast and that’s why we as a family decided to take a series off. “

Then he continued, “Of course there was criticism of us, the producers said this happens to all new families, so it’s not uncommon and not a reason why people should be left off the show.

“I think this is just a bored journalist trying to pay his rent but figured I was getting the facts straight.”

Additionally, that news comes just weeks after Gogglebox favorite Tom Malone Junior said he was leaving the show.

After six years on the Channel 4 hit, the professional dancer and TikTok star said he wanted to explore other opportunities.

Tom explained, “After years, it’s finally time to put the remote control down and say goodbye to Gogglebox.

“I loved every minute and I am eternally grateful to Channel 4 and Studio Lambert for letting me be part of the show. But new opportunities are at the door and it’s time to explore them. “

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