The fans were convinced they had guessed H’s identity

The excitement leading up to the sixth season of Line of Duty has reached a fever – so much so that fans of the cop drama believe they know who the mysterious Bent Copper H is.

Yes, even before the first episode airs on March 21, eagle-eyed viewers believe they have found a clue that cracks the case.

And it’s apparently for everyone to see in the recently released Line of Duty trailer.

After looking at the season six trailer, Line of Duty fans think Kate is H (Credit: BBC)

What happens in the trailer for the sixth season of Line of Duty?

The trailer shows Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming in an argument with an unknown character.

Hastings is heard saying, “You will be treated fairly with the full protection of the law.”

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The camera then pans to Steve Arnott before panning to Kate Fleming, who is standing next to a suspect with her hands up.

Then Fleming flashes and reaches for her gun.

And it’s that 15-second clip that led fans of the series to refer to Fleming – played by Vicky McClure – as the “bad guy.”

Line of duty trailers
Steve Arnott looks tense during trailer teaser (Credit: BBC)

What did the audience say about Kate as H?

On Twitter, one said, “I hope Kate wasn’t naughty.”

Another added: “I am convinced that she is a bad guy.”

Kate is H! I call it now!

A third said: “Hands up who thinks Kate Fleming is H!”

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Now # Exercise of dutycome back, what are people’s theories about the other H? I am afraid it is Kate, ”said another.

Kate Fleming = H, ”said another staunch observer.

“Kate is H! I call it now! “explained another.

Another quipped, “If Kate turned out to be bent, it would be such a twist!”

What is the new series about?

Not much is known about the plot of the new series other than that it will focus on DCI Joanne Davidson – the investigator into an unsolved homicide case whose conduct arouses suspicion.

Expect more twists and turns in this series than ever as writer Jed Mercurio has an hour left to play with.

Series 6 shows seven instead of the usual six episodes.

The sixth season of Line of Duty kicks off March 21 on BBC One.

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