The five most emotional episodes of the series

ITV’s Long Lost Family is famous for bringing viewers to tears with stories of relatives who have been torn apart and brought back together.

The often heartbreaking documentary series shows people’s efforts to reunite with long-lost parents, children, siblings and other family members.

Hosts Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell usually have good news for hopefuls trying to reconnect with loved ones, but just as often, they have to bring terrible news to viewers.

But what are the most heartbreaking episodes when Series 10 comes to an end? Here are five of the greatest tear riders.

In Long Lost Family, Robert discovered that his father had died (Credit: ITV)

Most of ITV’s emotional episodes feature Long Lost Family

Robert and his father

Last year, an episode of the spin-off show Long Lost Family: What Happened Next featured Robert, who was looking for his father on the 2015 documentary series.

The father of three from Ayrshire never knew his father as a child and they followed him to Split, a town in Croatia.

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He was 71 years old, had no other children and did not know that Robert even existed.

They kept in touch, but their calls became less frequent until there was a year of no contact. On what happened next, Robert traveled back to Croatia to find out why they had lost touch – and discovered that his father had died in 2017.

David and Helen reunited after years (Credit: ITV)

Reunited siblings David and Helen

The siblings David and Helen were left years apart, with David staying on a car seat just outside Belfast in 1962 and Helen leaving six years later in a phone booth in Dandalk.

Both were left in tartan sacks, but their cases were never linked.

After an emotional reunion, David thought, “It’s absolutely wonderful. She is more than I expected. “

Claire visited the stairwell in Hong Kong (Photo credit: ITV)

Trip to asia

Claire’s search for her parents in Hong Kong

A recent episode of the program was a real contender for the title of Great Teardropper.

Claire looked for her family in Hong Kong, where she was abandoned on a flight of stairs as a baby.

She spent months in a local orphanage and in the end the authorities secured her adoptive parents in the UK.

She loved them, but her adoptive mother died when she was only 12 years old and she was always desperate to find her birth parents.

After all the emotions I’ve been through, I finally had good news.

With the help of the show, Claire returned to Hong Kong and, in very emotional scenes, visited the stairwell where she was left and the orphanage where she once lived.

Unfortunately, she never tracked her birth mother and father, but was delighted with a connection she had made – a man who had been living in the building at the time.

She said on the program: “I can’t believe it. I actually met someone [who saw] I … 1960. After all the emotions I’ve been through, I finally had good news. “

Christine learned she had many more siblings than she originally thought (Credit: ITV)

Newly discovered siblings and soldiers of the First World War were laid to rest

Christine discovers that she has six other siblings

In a 2019 episode, Christine met two of her sisters again after decades – only to discover something amazing.

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Christine spoke of the traumatic moment when the three were separated when she was four years old.

Fortunately, they were reunited, but Christine was told that, sadly, her mother had died years ago. But long before she died, she had six other children with the girls’ father.

ITV aired a WWI special on Long Lost Family (Image Credit: ITV)

Unknown solider special

ITV broadcast a special from the First World War program in 2019. And the audience roared.

Moderators Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell followed a Department of Defense team to find the families of unknown soldiers killed in World War I.

In one emotional scene, the relative of an identified soldier watched poppies being planted in the ground. He said, “Now I know more about my story, I have a family to be proud of.”

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