The German Great British Bake Off Week is unfair as long as Jürgen is there

This week at The Great British Bake Off Jurgen and the rest of the participants are starting the German week for the first time.

But is it really fair to even have a German week with the beautiful Jürgen, who is already a front runner to win the show?

It’s a big Black Forest go-no from me.

Lovely Jürgen is one of the favorites (Credit: Channel 4)

Great British Bake Off: We love German baking AND Jürgen

We love German baking. The great Pumpernickel, the smacking pudding pretzel, Stollen (come to Mama) and other delicacies from Germany make the country one of the most underrated baking centers in the world.

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So having a week on German on one of our favorite shows is absolutely child’s play.

But having it when there is a German candidate seems a little … unfair?

Giuseppe on Great British Bake Off
Giuseppe rightly received a Hollywood handshake (Credit: Channel 4)

What about the focaccia just happened?

We saw it earlier on the show when Bread Week raised its yeasty head.

The participants were asked to make focaccia (delicious!) And then some ciabatta sticks (double Si!)

That week’s star baker, however, was Giuseppe – another favorite for the competition – who, ahem, proved he was to be reckoned with.

And no wonder. Giuseppe is not only Italian, his father was also a baker.

He must have thought that all of his baking stars matched up that week. So much so that he even received the series’ first Hollywood handshake.

We love Giuseppe, but some viewers cried badly this week.

Who knows what the audience will say when they see Jürgen and the German Week.

Jürgen about The Great British Bake Off
Jürgen storms GBBO (Image: Channel 4)

Maybe wait for the German week?

And before you say it, this is not about Jürgen or a German themed week.

We want a Swedish week, a Chinese and Japanese themed week (Steamed Bao anyone?) And even a South American week (empanadas … oh yeah).

The variety of baking around the world is something that the show should definitely pick up and challenge attendees.

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And when it comes to Jürgen, we love him.

His brilliance in the kitchen is evident to everyone, and he is an adorable character too (his eyebrows are amazing, first of all).

But when it comes to offering themed weeks that give a certain participant an advantage at first glance, that doesn’t seem fair.

Maybe we should have had a Swedish week this week and postponed the German week until the next series.

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