The hosts apologize after guest Don Letts “swore” live

Today’s Sunday brunch, hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer were talking to Don Letts when the musician dropped a naughty word.

During the live interview on the popular Channel 4 show on Sunday morning (March 14th), Don chatted about his career, including music and directing.

After the chat, Tim left Don – and the audience at home – baffled as he apologized.

This Sunday brunch, Tim and Simon had a chat with Don Letts (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Sunday brunch today?

When the chat was over, Channel 4 host Tim turned to the camera and said, “Sorry because there was a word in the interview that we shouldn’t be using.”

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Don – who spoke to the hosts via video link – threw his hand over his mouth and looked shocked.

“What did I say?” he asked with a laugh, although he was visibly confused.

Sorry as there was a word in the interview that we shouldn’t be using.

Host and TV chef Simon Rimmer sat giggling as well while Tim refused to repeat what Don had said.

“We can’t tell you!” he insisted.

Sunday brunch patron Don had no idea what he’d said wrong (Credit: Channel 4)

What did the Channel 4 viewers say?

On Twitter, some viewers were confused and wondering what Don had said while others who heard it criticized the show’s decision to apologize.

Some said they thought it was because he used the word “bastard”.

One stunned bystander said: “He said ‘crap’ and you apologized, good sadness, did it really come to that?”

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A second laughed: “Legend. Please upload the interview to the Sunday brunch YouTube channel. With this B-word, of course. “

A third tweeted to another confused viewer, “I think it was when he said, ‘Bob told me to get out of here.’

“Great interview,” said a fourth. “Laugh at the terrible swearing. Have a good day whatever you do. “

The audience praised the excellent interview

Other viewers praised the interview and told the show on Twitter that they could have heard Don talk about his passions all day.

“Great to listen to Don, great,” one wrote.

Another tweeted, “What a cool guy!”

Someone else said, “Should run every week, brilliant.”

“Top Geezer,” praised another viewer.

ED! contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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