The host’s fault for getting a top TV job after Lockerbie

Lorraine Kelly is hosting a documentary on Dunblane tonight, but it was another of Scotland’s greatest tragedies that gave her career a boost.

And it’s something she once admitted that it’s “difficult to live with”.

In 1984 the daily presenter was a roving reporter for TV-am, ITV’s breakfast television franchise.

At the time, she thought it was “the best job in the world”. She “never had the desire” to limit herself to a television studio.

Lorraine Kelly previously spoke about how coverage of Lockerbie contributed to her success (Credit:

How Lockerbie changed Lorraine’s career

However, her career changed after the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

In conversation with BBC Scotland Strong conversation In 2013, Lorraine pondered the boost the “terrible” incident at Lockerbie had given her career and how uncomfortable it made her.

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Her coverage of the disaster in which Pan Am Flight 103 exploded and fell on a residential street, killing 270 people, earned her a presentation job on TV-am’s summer Sunday show.

The Lockerbie bombing happened in 1988 while Lorraine was out and about as a reporter for TV-am (Credit:

She also hosted the main show during the week before joining Good Morning Britain in 1990 and helping launch GMTV in 1993.

It’s pretty difficult to live with.

Speaking to Star Talk about the Lockerbie bombing that helped her television career, Lorraine said, “It’s pretty difficult to live with.

“The fact that terrible, terrible, terrorist atrocities resulted in me getting one of the best jobs ever.”

TV presenter Lorraine spoke to the parents of the Dunblane victims over ITV’s documentary film about the massacre (Photo credit: Alaska TV / ITV).

Lorraine Kelly is “haunted” by Dunblane

Lorraine covered the events of the shooting at the Dunblane Mass School in 1996. And she revisited the community to watch the ITV 25th anniversary documentary.

Earlier this year, she recalled that it was “the hardest” thing to report. And she revealed that it still haunts her today.

Lorraine covering the events in Dunblane for GMTV with Eamonn Holmes in 1996 (Photo credit: Alaska TV / ITV)

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Lorraine said as reported by the Daily record: “It never really goes away and [I think about it] Every time I see a sign for Dunblane or when there is something in America where it is known to occur far too often.

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, and I don’t think there will be anything like it anymore. When I came back, I remembered a lot of things.

“I remember the press conference and journalists are pretty persistent. You just have to be to survive. But I’ve seen grown men in tears. “

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