The last three arrivals of the second season and their Instagrams Instagram

The final episodes of the second season of Too Hot To Handle have dropped out – and the sex ban robot Lana has ensured that the singletons have been thoroughly tested with their latest arrivals.

From the start, declaring that they wanted to mess everything up, the remaining stars were pushed to their absolute limits so as not to succumb to temptation.

These guys made it as difficult as possible – even some of the most dedicated characters have fallen for their charms.

But who are the cheeky troublemakers willing to throw Lana’s good work out the window?

Here’s what you need to know – and where to find them on Instagram.

Tabitha is a natural rule breaker, but who does she take with her? (Image credit: Netflix)

Who are the new Too Hot To Handle Singletons?


21 year old health coach from South London, UK.

Find her on Instagram: @tabithcl

Tabitha is all about self-love and just wants to have a relationship with herself.

She lived in Bali for some time and describes herself as a tiger – dangerous, spirited and ready to jump.

She’s not afraid of breaking the rules to get what she wants, but will Lana be able to tame her?

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Too hot to touch - Elle
Elle has a habit of falling into love triangles (Image: Netflix)


26 year old entrepreneur from West Virginia, USA.

Find her on Instagram: @ elle.monae

Elle is an absolute free spirit and has started her own zodiac-themed jewelry store.

She has a habit of falling into love triangles – which is sure to cause trouble when entering the retreat.

The others may want to be careful because nobody gets in her way when she sees what she wants …

Too hot to touch - Joey
Will Miami-born Joey enchant the villa’s residents? (Image credit: Netflix)


23 year old marketer from Miami, Florida.

Find her on Instagram: @joeyjoy

Cheeky, fun-loving Joey is a sports champion with an eye for women.

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Having excelled in the worlds of swimming, soccer, basketball and boxing, he is now ready to relax in the sun and get to know everyone on the retreat.

But how will this player react when he realizes that this sport is strictly non-contact?

Too Hot To Handle is now available in full on Netflix.

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