“The LGBTQIA community deserves our unanimous support,” says Kubbra Sait

Kubbra Sait is known for speaking loudly about the causes she supports, from women’s rights to helping the LGBTQIA community. To make the most of her social media platform, Kubbra has now curated a unique and interactive online session called LGBTQIA + For Dummies where she will interview 4 prominent members of the community. Sait will ask you 2 questions, namely: What is the most common question people ask you? What is the question that you want people to ask you

The sessions went live on their social media on June 5th with the debut guest, acclaimed and award-winning director Onir, most widely recognized and acclaimed for his directorial film, My Brother Nikhil, among others. About the reasons why she created this interesting concept of the hour, Kubbra said, “The love we received from the community has always overwhelmed me and lost my words. The idea behind this concept was to normalize the fact that I’m a fool when it comes to learning more about the community. I often make mistakes with pronouns. I also accidentally make mistakes by posting a comment that is incorrect or inconsistent with community guidelines. “

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In addition to her comments, she highlights the facets of homophobia that still plague our society and confirms: “I think homophobia is a state of mind. It’s conditioning, in the films of the 1990s or even the early 2000s a gay joke was just thrown in for laughter, I don’t think that’s okay. We need to develop a voice against discrimination in our heads when it comes to how we talk to and about the queer community. I correct someone if they don’t fully understand the concept or take an initiative where I can actually reach out to people. The community is so strong in its own skin and it’s doing enough already. We just have to stand there and support them and at least show solidarity with them. It is their time to shine. “

The sessions that started with director Onir will also see Durga Gawde, Luna and Sushant Divgikr in June, which is also known as Pride Month and is why Kubbra decided to host it now. All that can be said is Kubbra for initiation, curation, and action!

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