The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2020 Revealed


The most popular baby names of 2020 have been revealed, and there are some surprises.

Baby names searched for are often an indicator of which ones could be popular in the coming months and year.

So it’s about Gary and Steve, Tracy and Jennifer … this year’s most wanted names are a surprising bunch!

Prospective Parents Searched For New Names In 2020 (Credit: Pexels)

The most popular baby names in 2020

The website Nameberry shared its most wanted baby names for the year.

And the big news is that Olivia, who ranked first four years in a row, has been evicted.

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Most wanted name for girls? Luna.

Yes, the Harry Potter-inspired moniker is slated to appear on many more birth certificates in the next 12 months, if this list goes up.

As for the guys, Milo remains the most searched name for the fourth year in a row.

The most popular baby names that have been searched for have been revealed
There’s a new name for girls at the top (Credit: Pexels)

What were the most popular baby names when it came to the girls?

According to Nameberry users, here are the top 10 most searched female baby names.

1. Luna

2. Maeve

3. Aurora

4. Isla

5th Ave.

6. Eleanor

7 Ophelia

8. Olivia

9. Aurelia

10. Eloise

Other names that appear in the top 20 are Freya, Charlotte, Hazel, Iris, and Ivy.

The most popular baby names that have been searched for have been revealed
Who’s in the lead for the guys? (Image credit: Pexels)

What were the most popular boy names?

When it comes to boys’ names, there is a household name at the top.

1. Milo

2. Atticus

3. Asher

4. Silas

5. Leo

6. Arlo

7. Theodore

8. Oliver

9. Felix

10. Jasper

Other names in the top 20 are Levi, Finn, Oscar, Kai, and Jude.

What else did the website say?

The website also said that girl names were popular searches for boy names.

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Of the total top 50 (girl and boy names combined), 41 were female and nine were male.

Nameberry also notes that a boy’s name that ends in “o” is the most popular.

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