The new single Falling from producer and musician Mukul Deora takes you on an unforgettable journey

There are few names in the industry who can successfully hold onto the many feathers on their hat when it comes to showing their versatility as an artist, producer and musician Mukul Deora is one of them. After showing audiences a powerful movie like The White Tiger earlier this year, Mukul Deora recently released the video for his track Falling.

The new number has a trance-like vibe as it takes you on a different journey with its atmospheric layers accentuated by the notes on the guitar and piano. Deora, seen in the video, shows off an aura of heartbreak with melodies that are good for a quiet evening with soothing, yet gripping melodies. The carnival-like video is full of colors and effects and shows the artistic personality of the musician.

Rolling Stone magazine gave a glowing review, saying “That creepy, calming jam that you turn up during your nightly chill session at home.”

On the release of Falling, Muks said: “There are so many ways to fall in love. Falling is about getting what I think you wanted and then waking up and realizing that it’s not enough. Would like more. But it probably won’t happen. Relationships shape us to ourselves. “

With the high note in Falling, we are excited to see what new surprises Mukul Deora will bring to the audience next.

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