The Organized Crime Detectives on BBC2: Real-Life-Line of Duty?


The Detectives: Fighting Organized Crime is an exciting new documentary series on BBC Two.

This brand new series explores organized crime in Manchester.

And the detective team is trying to put an end to it.

Each episode covers cases where an extraordinary police investigation is conducted.

Here’s what we know about the show …

Where are the Detectives: Fighting Organized Crime playing? Is it real

Yes, this is a real documentary series – not a detective drama!

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The Detectives: Fighting Organized Crime is set in Central Manchester.

Indeed, this series offers unprecedented access to the Greater Manchester Police Department.

This particular series offers unprecedented access (Credit: BBC)

Camera teams are allowed to follow detectives as their individual cases unfold.

It was shot over a period of two years.

Who are the detectives?

A well-known detective is DS Julie Connor.

During the conversation with The mirrorShe described how gangland wars and crime ravage the city.

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And that non-gang members run the risk of being caught in the crossfire.

The detectives fight organized crime
While DS Julie Connor says gang crime is rife in Manchester (Credit: BBC)

She said: “We are seeing an increase in violence, people are shot in the legs, stabbed to death, their faces cut.

“With the rise of drugs, a lot of money is floating around in the criminal world, so more and more criminals are robbing other criminals.”

“The kidnappings are just all the time, it’s really crazy, but it’s a profitable business.”

What happens in the first episode?

The first episode is about a series of abductions of wealthy victims in connection with drug crimes.

Police are called in Central Manchester after a man is kidnapped by an armed gang from his wife and children.

He is then tortured and only released after a ransom of £ 34,000 has been paid.

However, the detectives can locate the location where the victim was held.

Crime in Manchester
But do criminals get justice? (Credit: Unsplash)

After forensic investigation, they can track down suspects.

Another disruptive kidnapping occurs during this investigation.

They suspect the same gang and watch the kidnapping on CCTV footage.

Eventually, specialized undercover and firearms units are hired to find the gang and retrieve the hostage.

How many episodes are there?

There are five episodes. Each one airs weekly on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on BBC Two.

After an episode has aired, it can be streamed on the BBC iPlayer.

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