The OTT platform enters theatrical distribution

In what may be a significant shift in the industry, an OTT platform NET5 is releasing some of its films across India in not only English but also Indian.

When asked by Balwanth Singh, the company’s COO quoted: “We mainly focus on English and foreign language films for our platform. Some of the films we purchase require a big screen experience, and we want the audience to enjoy the film on a big screen first.A theatrical release also creates a lot of visibility for the film than just having it on the platform. Cinema screens turn actors into stars, and we respect that.

We have our first movie Legacy of Lies out soon, followed by Antilife, a Bruce Willis star, and we will have two releases each month. Theater owners should be happy if this becomes a trend then there will be no shortage of content for large or small screens and pave the way for coexistence.

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