The Platt family had to leave No. 8

Coronation Street spoilers reveal the Platt family has been forced to exit # 8. Will they be able to part with their home?

Spoiler on Coronation Street: The Platt family packs # 8

In the next week’s scenes, David, Shona and Gail pack up the house, fearful of moving. Gail confides in Nick that she is too old to live on a rough country estate.

Will Nick give in and invite his mother to live with him and Sam?

David, Shona and Gail are packing up their house (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Mick throws Ray out of his van and tells him that he has 24 hours to find the money.

Debbie reminds Ray that today they are completing # 4 and # 6, so he’d better have the money.

Ray assures her he’s there, but when he meets with Susan, the chairman of the planning committee, she tells him she wants £ 20,000 or she will reveal how he bribed her.

Ray owes Mick money (Credit: ITV)

When Ray reveals that he had to use the money earmarked for # 4 and # 6 to pay off Mick and Susan, Debbie is furious.

Yasmeen refuses to go

To keep the home sales from failing, Ray calls the bank. While Alya helps Yasmeen with the final touches, a phone call from the attorney indicates that there has been a delay as Ray’s funds remain uncleared.

Yasmeen claims that until she sees the color of Ray’s money she’s not going anywhere and not being bullied by him like Geoff. Alya is happy to take a look at her old grandmother.

Yasmeen claims she won’t go anywhere until she sees the color of Ray’s money (Credit: ITV)

When the Platts move out of No. 8, Alya comes and tells David about Ray’s cash flow problem. David finds Ray and Debbie in the middle of the line.

But when he threatens to stay in 8th place, Ray threateningly claims he’s going to kick him out.

Abi gets a stressful shot from Ray

Later, Abi, Alya, and Faye are disappointed that Ray was released after being arrested for attempted rape of Faye.

Alya reports Ray to the police for luring her into a hotel room to have sex in hopes that this will add some weight to Faye’s case.

Later at one of Ray’s hotels, Abi manages to record Ray and Susan discussing their crimes.

High School Receives Evidence Ray Bribing Planning Committee (Credit: ITV)

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She shows Ray the footage and offers to bury it if he admits he tried to rape Faye in return. It gives him an hour to make his decision or it goes public.

Ray and Abi later meet again and he says that if she deletes the video, he’ll admit the attack. But soon Abi gets dizzy and passes out.

Soon Debbie shows up and calls an ambulance when she sees Abi. But Ray picks up her cell phone and menacingly tells her that she will help him get out of this mess.

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