The police get tough when fines are imposed and arrests are made

It’s definitely a good idea to stick to the new COVID lockdown rules – not least out of fear of spreading the deadly virus.

As we all know, England was completely banned for the third time this week.

And this time the police are very keen to enforce this.

Anyone not wearing a mask in stores will be fined £ 200 (Credit: Pexels).

How will the police make sure people abide by the COVID lockdown rules?

Fines were already imposed this week, people arrested and anti-maskers threatened with fines of £ 200.

Yesterday (January 6), London’s Met Police arrested 28 anti-lockdown protesters for breaking new COVID lockdown rules.

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You can now face fines of up to £ 6,400.

A car carrying four men was stopped in Northampton early in the morning.

The police discovered that the group of friends were on their way to McDonald’s.

There are not enough police exhibit Fines to all people on the streets and paths. What kind of lock ?!

And because they came from different households, they were beaten with a £ 800 fine.

The Met also announced that anyone not wearing a mask in a shop or on public transport will be fined £ 200.

However, the penalties are not given immediately.

Instead, the perpetrators are given time to produce a note from their doctor stating that they are exempt from wearing one.

Police stop a car
Police stopped people in cars and asked where they were going (Image Credit: Peter Morrison / AP / Shutterstock)

The police can stop you in front of the supermarket

However, one officer went a little too far and his police have now apologized for his actions.

A Thames Valley Police officer who was rated “a bit sharp” was reprimanded after handing out leaflets asking drivers why they were outside.

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It read: “Why are you here today?” and went on to explain the new state travel restrictions.

The police have also been given permission to interview drivers in front of supermarkets and people sitting on park benches.

And the forces are something that Priti Patel said they support.

The interior minister said it was “right” for the police to approach people sitting on park benches.

She added that she supported officials who asked people why they were outside and “told them that they shouldn’t necessarily be outside unless it was for important reasons.”

People in a group in a park
If you’re traveling in a group, prepare to be stopped by the police (Credit: Pexels)

Brits are responding to the new COVID lockdown rules

The British welcomed the news on Twitter, saying the armed forces should have been tough long beforehand.

“It should have happened from the start of the pandemic.” said a Briton.

Another revealed concerns about police numbers.

There are not enough police exhibit Fines to all people on the streets and paths. What kind of lock ?! ” They said.

Other “felt” things would go a step further.

Honest military can sense police Come in to secure them police Strength soon to keep helping Curfew under control and then spend more Fines to people who break Curfew Rules, ”they posted on Twitter.

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