The real estate agent who loves botox and men

Faye Winter was confirmed as one of the candidates on Love Island 2021.

This blonde beauty is a Devonian real estate agent who can’t wait to get into the Mallorcan villa and meet some “fit men”.

How old is Faye? And what else has the Love Island star revealed about himself?

We answer these and other questions below …

Faye seems to be spicing things up at the mansion (Image credit: ITV2)

What kind of job does Love Island star Faye Winter do?

Faye, 26, is a rental manager.

She told ITV: “I’m a letting manager and I have a great team. I go out and assess, win business for the company and do one or two visits and find tenants. My main job is selling.

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“I totally love it! I actually only took a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world I would like to work again. “

In her free time, she takes on training guide dogs.

She says she drops them off at the guide dog school before work and takes care of them in the evenings and on weekends.

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She added that anyone she ends up with must respect her passion for dogs.

Faye explained: “Anyone who comes into my life must recognize that they are inferior to the dogs.”

Faye winter
Faye loves real estate and dogs (Image credit: ITV2)

What is Faye’s relationship story?

Faye has been single for about two years but hasn’t revealed much more about her dating past.

But she said she would like to settle down and have a family someday.

She said, “I want someone I can go on vacation with for the next few years and have so much fun.

“And then in three or four years, start thinking about children and serious things.”

Faye can’t wait to meet all of the fit Love Island contestants (Image Credit: ITV2)

What is Faye looking for in a man?

Faye made a pretty slippery confession in her idea of ​​Love Island.

She said she was looking for a man who would “tear up a new one for me” [bleep]-Hole”.

However, she quickly seemed to realize how rude her remark was and said she didn’t quite mean it.

She also seems to be quite a flirtatious guy, admitting that she likes to dress as provocatively as possible while showing off real estate to her clients.

She continued, “I’m trying to sell it the best I can.

“I’m definitely there in the mini dresses, breasts out, buttocks out, showing up and you can see the women saying to their husband: ‘You stay outside.’ It is so much fun.”

How does Faye think others see her?

Faye said she believed her friends would describe her as “a heart of gold”.

However, she added, “I don’t want to be seen that way, though. I’m just a bit of a tough cow – but that could just be the botox. “

Is Love Island star Faye Winter on Instagram?

Faye can be found on Instagram under the handle faye_winter.

She currently has a little over 10,000 followers, but we’re sure this will skyrocket in a matter of days!

Her site mainly shows that she is enjoying life in Devon, often in scantily clad outfits, and enjoying the high life.

And there Faye was already chosen by her supporters as the “winner” of Love Island.

One said: “Faye is my favorite girl.”

Another added: “You will always be my winner!”

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