The real reason Star doesn’t show kids’ faces

Holly Willoughby has revealed why she doesn’t post pictures of her children’s faces on social media.

When Holly spoke this morning (March 10th), she supported the Duchess of Sussex and her statement that everyone has the right to “basic privacy”.

Holly made the comments during a debate on the latest video clip released from the Oprah interview.

Holly Willoughby revealed why she’s not sharing pictures of her children’s faces (Image Credit: ITV)

What did Meghan say in the new clip?

The additional clip from the interview with Oprah Winfrey was released online yesterday (March 9th) after the show aired on ITV.

In it, Meghan defended the sharing of pictures of her son Archie, but said that there are “limits”.

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She said, “I think everyone has a basic right to privacy. Basic.

“There’s no one on Instagram or on social media who would say, ‘Because I shared that one picture, that entitles you to roll my entire camera. Go ahead and check it out. ‘

“Nobody would want that. So it’s about limits. And it’s about respect. “

Meghan Oprah Chat up close
Meghan Markle spoke about data protection in a new interview clip (Credit: YouTube)

What did Holly Willoughby say about her children?

Holly wholeheartedly agreed with the Duchess on Archie’s privacy and explained her reasons for it.

She said, “I choose not to show my children’s faces because I know that’s the deal.

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“If you show a photo, they’re out there.”

I choose not to show my children’s faces because I know this is the deal. If you show a photo, they’re out there.

She added: “They are for everyone to eat. So I choose not to do it. “

Holly then asked the show’s royal expert, Camilla Tominey, “So in this example, it’s right there, isn’t it?”

How many children does Holly Willoughby have?

This Morgenstern Holly is the mother of three children.

She is the mother of Harry (11), Belle (9) and Chester (6) with her husband Dan Baldwin.

And while she enjoys sharing pictures of her kids on social media, she never shares pictures of their faces.

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