The recently released Marathi movie ‘Picasso’ from Amazon Prime Video has been praised by fans

Amazon Prime Video’s recently released Marathi movie ‘Picasso’ has drawn attention since its announcement and has won audiences and praise since the film was released. So great is the brilliance of the film that it was honored at the recently concluded National Awards 2019.

The film, in which the Dashavatara art form is presented in a very relatable environment, has been mentioned several times. Some comments worth mentioning say: “#Picasso will always be on my list of movies to enjoy! Thank you for creating this masterpiece @ abhijeetwarang1. Wonderful performance by @ prasadoak17 A must! ♥ ️ ”

“@ Prasadoak17 Sir has only seen as beautifully designed drama as it was. What a responsible brotherhood, what a dutiful achievement … Loved it. The artist is always loyal to his work. #PicassoOnPrime @ prasadoak17 @ShiladityaBora @PlatoonOneFilms @ShilpiAgar @ abhijeetwarang1 ”

“Fascinating #PicassoOnPrime Such a beautiful film and so heartbreaking”

“I really wonder what our cinema would sometimes be without theater. I just saw #PicassoOnPrime and I am really speechless. Just unbelievable ! No words can describe how great this film really is. Such a gem! “

What a movie. The film shows one of Dashavatar’s early folk art forms. All the actors are just great. The culture of the Konkon region was shown here. # PicassoOnPrime #Amazon #PRIMEVIDEO #OTT #CINEMA #AmazonPrimeVideo #THEATERS @PrimeVideoIN ”

“#PicassoOnPrime is a must for a 73-minute film. After a long time you have seen a blissful movie and of course to appreciate it! #Picasso @PrimeVideoIN @PrimeVideo ”

Produced by Shiladitya Bora under the banner of Platoon One Films and Everest Entertainment, the film presents a boy’s dreams in a very reliable way. This seems to be the main reason people find him soulful and feel good about themselves when the movie keeps winning people’s hearts.

The cast includes Prasad Oak, who has won awards in recent years, child actor Samay Sanjeev Tambe, and Aswini Mukadam. Picasso is directed and written by Abhijeet Mohan Warang. The film will only be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Experience it now!

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