The repair shop fans disagreed on what Jay Blades actually shows

Repair shop star Jay Blades shared the show’s fans on Twitter, and some have asked what he’s actually doing.

The beautiful Jay has been a staple on the BBC One renovation show and has been since the beginning.

However, some fans of The Repair Shop have admitted their confusion about its actual role.

Jay stands outside BBC One’s repair shop (Image credit: BBC)

What does Jay Blades do in the workshop?

The man himself lists himself on his official Twitter account as the moderator of The Repair Shop.

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However, it seems that viewers think he should do more – get involved in the restorations.

After all, Jay is a furniture restorer himself, off the small screen.

the repair shop on bbc one
However, some viewers have asked what he actually brings to the show (Credit: BBC)

What did the audience say?

Viewers are a little at a loss as to why Jay is on the show.

One said: “I adore the repair shop, but I do just don’t understand why Jay has appeared.

“All he does is make tea and sweep leaves. The artisan geniuses are more than capable of presenting the show themselves. “

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Another agreed: “Love them repair business, but it turned out to be Jay Blades Show. Let’s have far less from the moderator and more from the repair shops. “

A third even questioned Jay’s presentation skills.

So what talented craftsman has Jay Blades stood next to, neither use nor ornament?

“I love the repair businessbut I can’t help but think Jay’s General knowledge is useless.

“Some of the questions he asks customers are amazing,” they added.

Another quipped: “So what talented craftsman has Jay Blades stood next to, neither use nor decoration? “

Jay blades in the workshop
Away from the cameras, Jay is a furniture restorer (Image credit: BBC)

“Is Jay adding anything to the repair shop?”

“Regarding the repair businesswhat does Jay Blades actually do? Other than taking credit for other people’s efforts? “asked a fan of the show.

“It’s really annoying! Stop it and give credit where it’s REALLY due. Ruins a great show,” they scolded.

“I just caught up with The repair business. What does Jay Blades actually do? “said another.

However, others had some ideas.

“Jay makes a nice cup of Rosie Lee,” said one Cockney viewer.

Jay Blades seems to swim around The repair business take a lot of credit but you watch him do [bleep] all actual transplant, ”said another.

“He takes out credit, makes tea, sweeps the floor and asks nonsensical questions like ‘What should we do with this?’” Explained another.

Jay is the best thing about the show

Jay fans, however, had a pretty unanimous answer as to what actually brings Jay to the show.

And it seems a lot of people think he’s “the best thing about a great show”.

A fan posted on Twitter: “Watch out #Repair workshop and as always i can’t help but think what a really lovable person Jay Blades is.

“He’s the best thing about a great show.”

The repair shop is broadcast on weekdays at 4.30 p.m. on BBC One and on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. on BBC One.

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