The son’s gift for the mother brought the audience to tears

The George Clarke Show Amazing Spaces was last night and featured a dedicated son hoping to treat his mother after his father died.

During the repeated episode on Thursday evening (February 19), TV architect George met the son-and-mother duo Simon and Carol.

Simon and his mom Carol were in the rerun of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces?

The program revealed that Carol and her husband had planned to travel across the UK after his retirement.

Unfortunately, he died a year before their adventure.

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The show stated that Carol lived with Simon and his wife. He wanted to do what he could to give his mother the perfect retirement.

Simon wanted to build a mobile vacation home for his mother (Credit: Channel 4)

He used an old railroad cattle wagon as the frame for an incredible gift for his mother – her own mobile vacation home.

When Simon showed her the finished result, Carol was blown away.

“Oh wow, oh, it’s fabulous, it’s beautiful,” she said, stunned by the beautiful interiors. “It’s great, cozy.”

The end result blew Carol away (Credit: Channel 4)

Simon’s incredible mobile vacation home

The interior consisted of stained glass windows and white paneling, while the sleeping area had a decent bed and brightly colored daylight.

George said of the bedroom, “This is a queen mezzanine.”

Carol got tears in her eyes and said, “No one has ever done anything like this for me.”

She revealed that she had a list of places she really wanted to see, including Cornwall.

The gift he made for his mother brought a tear to my eye.

Afterward, the mother and son sat with George to talk about the project, which Simon said cost around £ 24,000.

Simon said, “Time is precious to us, isn’t it, mom? To get on that street and get out of there … I wish my dad was here. “

He got tearful when he said, “It was one of my father’s dreams to do this,” and his mother leaned over to give him a tight hug.

The touching end of the program made the audience at home emotional.

George Clark’s Amazing Spaces viewers were tearful at Simon’s gift to his mother (Credit: Channel 4)

What did the Channel 4 viewers say?

On Twitter, a viewer said: “This mother and son on #GeorgeClarke #AmazingSpaces are so beautiful and the gift he made for his mother brought a tear in my eye!”

Another tweeted: “#AmazingSpaces Ooooh bless you, [I’m] a real mess. Happy that she got her big vacation home, it’s a shame her husband wasn’t there to see it. “

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A third said, “Your dad will look down and say, ‘Well done son … you made me proud for your mom’ #AmazingSpaces.”

Another replied, “That was a little [crying face emoji]. ”

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