The spectators of the hunting pedophiles praise the show officers

Undercover Police: Hunting Pedophiles viewers have praised the show’s officials after the “disgusting” chat room scenes last night.

The Channel 4 Show is a three part series that has been in the works for years.

As a result, on Monday (February 8), a 47-year-old pedophile named Simon was under cover.

Undercover Police: Hunting Pedophiles Viewers have praised the show’s officers (Credit: Channel 4)

What Happened During Undercover Police: Hunting Pedophiles?

The show stated that Simon enjoyed sexually abusing his 10-year-old daughter and was looking for other men with the same terrible desires.

From there, Simon entered a chat room and soon met another user.

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The user shared the same disgusting fantasies about young girls.

However, the police were shocked to find that the user was an already convicted pedophile.

An officer was hidden in a chat room (Image credit: Kanal 4).

The person was caught and arrested while the documentary followed his court case.

In the meantime, the episode sheds light on a number of other users as well.

What did the audience say?

The fans praised the brave officers who followed the terrible scenes.

One said on Twitter: “Oooft, this #UndercoverPolice #HuntingPaedophiles is a brutal watch. These cops have to have the toughest jobs, my stomach turns. Naive to think that it isn’t as widespread as it seems. “

A second shared, “I just saw Undercover Police: #HuntingPaedophiles. I feel physically sick. Hats off to the policemen involved. “

In addition, a third said, “It must be difficult for the police to sit down and read some of the things they say.”

Hats off to the policemen involved

A fourth wrote, “Feel physically sick when you see this. Thank goodness the police are doing a great job here. “

A fifth also said: “Incredibly difficult watch. I will never know how these UCs do it, but I have the utmost respect for them. Well done to everyone involved. “

Undercover Police: Chasing Pedophiles on C4
The documentary made viewers “sick” (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 say?

Alisa Pomeroy, senior commissioning editor for Channel 4 documentaries, said, “This high-performing series is both timely and critically important.

“As a direct result of Covid, millions of children are now stuck at home, bored, hiding in their bedrooms and talking online.

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“Each of them may be open to the sinister practice of online nursing by an increasing number of potential sexual abusers.”

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