The spin-off of the repair shop divides the audience

Jay and Dom’s Home Fix kicked off on BBC One this week and viewers are deeply divided about the new program.

The star collaborates with restoration expert Dominic Chinea on the BBC show, a spin-off of the popular The Repair Shop series and a follow-up to Jay Blades’ Home Fix.

Together, they offer DIY tricks and help the British become more self-sufficient without breaking the bank.

Jay and Dom’s Home Fix started this week (Image credit: BBC)

What happens in Jay and Dom’s Home Fix?

In the first episode, which aired Monday (Feb.15), they created a storage solution out of bed slats and built an ottoman from scratch.

In the second, yesterday, Dom showed viewers how to make a hanging shelf.

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Meanwhile, Jay demonstrated a practical solution for dealing with messy drawers.

Not all BBC viewers attended the show as some branded the format “lame” (Credit: BBC).

In addition to new footage from Jay and Dom, the show also includes clips from old shows to provide more home and garden advice.

Yesterday’s Home Fix included a clip from an episode of Gardeners’ World from 2018 and footage from Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution, which aired in 2012.

The program has divided BBC viewers, some have labeled it “patronizing” and compared it to something from the 1990s.

Others love Jay and Dom’s The Repair Shop spin-off (Image credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say?

One groaned: “Jesus called @BBCOne of the 90s, they want their contents back … #JayandDom #homefix.”

Another said, “#JayandDom is this new program designed for five year olds? Paternalism [bleep]. ”

It’s so lame to look at. Try harder, BBC.

A third wrote: “Could also have put on old episodes of Money For Nothing if they are going to show that. New show mine [peach emoji]. Is that what the extra £ 1.50 is for?

A fourth said, “20 year old clips from vomit shows? Oh dear #jayanddom. “

“Come on the BBC,” said a fifth. “We love Jay and Dom, but clips from 2001 etc, is that the best you can do?”

“This is basically cheap television,” complained a sixth. “With old footage (free) and some inexpensive moderators, it’s so lame to look at. Try harder, BBC. “

Some viewers “addicted”

However, not everyone feels that way.

One said to Jay, the host of The Repair Shop on Twitter, “I’m enjoying the show, Jay … I like your use of wallpaper and such beautiful prints.”

Another said, “It’s great, I think this show and The Repair Shop are a real panacea for all the stress that is going on right now. Thank you.”

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“You two are winners,” said one fan. “It’s first time watching but I’ll watch again. Some really good ideas. “

Another tweeted, “I love Jay and Dom and even got my seven year old granddaughter addicted. Future designer and manufacturer. “

– Jay and Dom’s Home Fix airs on BBC One at 3:45 pm on weekdays

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