The supermarket lines are returning as Beast From The East brings blizzards

Supermarket lines are expected to return – in time for an icy explosion of a new beast from the East.

Weather watchers warn that with the new weather front potentially finding its way to our shores, the British could expect snowstorms and temperatures as low as -5 ° C.

And it is feared the cold snap could coincide with Brits lining up outside supermarkets to buy their weekly shop.

The beast from the east could be on its way to our shores (Credit: Unsplash)

What do we know about the new beast from the east?

Meteorologists have warned that a sudden warming of the stratosphere is developing over the Arctic.

This is the same weather phenomenon that created the beast from the east two years ago.

The stratosphere has apparently warmed – and this has the power to disrupt the jet stream that controls the weather in the UK.

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As a result, the current could be reversed and the beast from the east could come towards us.

Daytime temperatures could drop to -5 ° C and snowstorms could cover the country through late January and into February.

We need to make sure that supermarkets in particular follow the rules as this is one of the few places you can still see people from different households in the same interior space.

There are fears that doing so could destroy the NHS and disrupt the delivery of food to those in isolation at home.

It has previously been reported that some home deliveries from supermarkets have been canceled due to the snow.

There is bad news for those who can hit the stores too.

You might get queued outside supermarkets as stores have been instructed to reintroduce the measures we saw for the first time last spring.

Queues in front of supermarkets
Queues in supermarkets could become a familiar sight again (Photo credit: Cover images)

Why are the queues in the supermarket coming back?

The government has ordered supermarkets to toughen shoppers who break the rules or face the restrictions that become law.

It comes after Public Health England warned that supermarkets are the most common place for Brits to catch coronavirus.

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“We need to make sure that supermarkets in particular follow the rules as this is one of the few places where people from different households can still be seen in the same interior,” a government source told The Times.

They added that “all correct precautions” must be taken.

This includes ensuring that social distancing is observed, that disposable systems are in place, and that everyone in the store wears a mask.

People walking in the snow
The government is considering enacting a law restricting supermarkets during the coldest months of the year (Credit: Unsplash).

Queuing to form outside the supermarkets again

In addition, the ministers have advised local councils to limit the number of people who can enter shops at the same time.

In the coldest months of the year, queues could again form in front of the supermarkets.

A source in Whitehall told the Daily Mail, “There is a feeling that people are doing what they want again.

“So local authorities will work with supermarkets and other open places to make sure they are still COVID safe.

“That could well mean a return to capacity limits.”

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