The viewers turn off their habit


BBC breakfast viewers threatened to tune out today after noticing a rather irritating habit by presenters Louise Minchin and Dan Walker.

Twitter’s critics got up early this morning (March 3rd) as they aimed at the BBC Breakfast presentation couple.

Some even admitted that they turned off the irritating habit.

Louise Minchin
BBC breakfast viewers admitted they turned off today (Image credit: BBC)

What happened to the BBC Breakfast presenters today?

The viewers at the BBC breakfast today were certainly not as lively as Dan and Louise.

In fact, it’s the couple’s giggling antics that get on viewers’ nerves.

The comments began after Papa Mervin appeared on the show to reveal that he went to the moon and back as part of a charity challenge.

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“Dan, what a lovely family you interviewed who are challenged in many ways by their health problems, and you continued to talk about the father’s ‘sweating’,” said one.

“Not fair… why draw attention to this in a funny, negative way. I thought you were very mean. “

I understand LouiseThe giggle to talk buttons were activated this morning.

Another recorded Louise’s “giggles” too.

Louise has now chuckled with this middle-class idiot who wants five minutes of fame. “

Another added: “I understand LouiseThe giggle to talk buttons were activated this morning. ”

Another viewer said the “giggle buttons” were “stuck in the ON position”.

Dan and Louise breakfast
Viewers made an exception to Dan and Louise’s giggles (Image Credit: BBC)

Two rather unflattering nicknames

Viewers also coined a few rather unflattering nicknames for the hosts.

One said, “Dopey Dan and Loopy Lou just giggle – no matter how serious the subject is.”

They then confirmed that based on the hosts’ actions, they had decided to turn off the device.

“Had to turn around,” they confirmed.

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Why is Dopey Dan giggle while #BBCBreakfast? How old is he? Eight? However, the BBC is paying him a fortune, ”they said.

However, you had the moderators’ backs.

They tweeted, “So we all have to be as miserable as you are for free?”

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