The Voice of Pride: Celebrate LGBTQIA + Stories with These Titles on Audible

Funny boy:

The coming-of-age novel by the writer Shyam Selvadurai is about Arjie Chelvaratnam, a Tamil boy who grows up in an extended family in Colombo and does not conform to gender norms. When Arjie falls in love with a gay Sinhala classmate, he faces hardening boundaries and the violence of ethnic differences.


In this anti-genre book, the narrator and author Parmesh Shahani – Vice President at Godrej Industries Ltd, draws step-by-step instructions on how to redesign office culture in India.

Call me by your name:

The filmed story evokes a romance between two young men, Elio and Oliver, in an Italian coastal town. The book establishes Aciman as a poet of the drunken senses and the audiobook will sweep you away with the sheer depth of Hammer’s voice.

So now you know:

These are Vivek Teluja’s memoirs about growing up a gay man in the 1990s. At the age of eight he realized that he was the stereotypical gay character of Anupam Kher in the movie Mast Kalandar, who shied away from his identity. The story is funny, poignant, heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Red lipstick:

Red Lipstick is the story of Laxmi, who was born a man who breaks gender norms while experiencing the prejudices of femininity and masculinity. Fast-paced, uncompromising, dark and exceptionally sincere, her stories with men open a window into a brave new world.

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