The weather on a UK bank holiday weekend is expected to be a washout with rain

UK Bank Holiday is on its way and sadly after today the weather just won’t play a ball anymore.

Those of us hoping for a sun-kissed holiday weekend will not grant our wish as the weather will take a dire turn.

After sunshine this morning (May 1st), the May bank holiday weekend will be a washout, according to UK weather reports.

For those who enjoy time in the beer garden or want to dine outside, it may be time to rethink plans …

The May holiday is a weather washout (Photo credit:

What is the weather forecast for bank holidays in the UK?

The May holiday weekend can often be a hot day, but not this year.

This weekend, weather warnings will be issued for parts of the country instead, as wind speeds of 80 km / h and rain of 40 mm are forecast.

Some areas of the country are hit by an arctic “explosion” with temperatures as low as -4 ° C. On average, however, the temperature on weekends is a cool 12 ° C.

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Saturday and Sunday have a range of weather conditions with sunshine and showers before Monday turns out to be the washout.

Monday will be gloomy, according to the official Met Office Twitter channel.

It was tweeted: “Bank holiday Monday will see the arrival of low pressure bring rain and strong Winch for many.”

In addition, the east of England is currently under a yellow wind warning this weekend. Storms of “disruptive winds” will hit from Monday (May 3rd).

The UK’s Met Office posted the warning on its website, stating: “Some delays in road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely.”

They added, “Possible damage to temporary structures outdoors.”

What do the experts say?

Forecaster Martin Bowles warned, “People planning to go to a pub or restaurant should go on Saturday or Sunday, but even then they may see humid conditions.

“With the current restrictions that mean people can’t go inside, Monday is really going to be a washout all day, especially if you’re in the west.”

For those in the west, it’s best to pack your raincoats and rubber boots! Wind and rain warnings have been predicted to appear in the west of the UK, particularly in areas like Cardiff.

Alfreso's menus may have to be postponed due to Monday's rain forecast
Alfreso meal plans may have to be postponed due to the rain forecast on Monday (Photo Credit:

Why is the UK weather so cold?

Weekend holiday weather has gone down due to the cold weather from the west and the weather is expected to hit the rest of Europe as well.

In addition, April 2021 recorded the lowest average minimum temperatures in the UK since 1922. The frost values ​​were also measured at their highest level in 60 years.

While there has been some rays of sunshine lately, April showers have been much more frequent in the past four weeks.

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