The wife of the late star Paul Daniels is ready for love again

Debbie McGee is ready for a partner and is open to love again five years after husband Paul Daniels passed away.

The former Strictly star, 62, said she was finally ready to move on after five tough years.

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What did Debbie McGee say when she found love for a new partner?

she said The mirror: “I don’t see anyone and haven’t been in a relationship with anyone since Paul’s death. But if I met the right person I could definitely see that I am finding love again now.

“Men are interested, but I also think that when you are famous, a lot of men are a bit scared and intimidated. They do not know that you are an ordinary person among them.

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“But it would be nice to meet someone. I will not go hunting like they say. I am not looking for it. I think if it will happen, it will happen. What should be will be. “

Paul Daniels passed away in 2016
Paul passed away in 2016 (Photo credit: /

She felt “completely lost”

Debbie also opened roughly the five years since she lost the magician Paul, who died in 2016 at the age of 77.

She revealed to the newspaper that she felt “completely lost” after Paul’s death.

If I met the right person, I could definitely see that I am finding love again now.

The couple became a staple on television from 1979 to 1994, and Debbie starred as Paul’s assistant on the Paul Daniels magic show.

They married in 1988.

However, she admitted that when Paul’s death she did not know if anyone would want to “get to know” her without her husband.

She now says that she is comfortable with who she is and that she feels “a lot stronger”.

Debbie McGee says she is ready to find love again
Paul and Debbie married in 1988 (Photo Credit:

Clarified their position

In 2018, Debbie had to clarify comments about finding love again after Paul’s death.

She said she was “misquoted” after reports reportedly ready to move on and meet someone.

Debbie said OK! Magazine: “I got pretty misquoted this week when they said I was ready for love.

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“What I said was that I hope I won’t be alone for the rest of my life.”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Paul’s death.

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