“The world has overcome superstition, but there are still some beliefs”: Actor Jiten Lalwani

Indians have always been obsessed with superstition. Countless bizarre superstitions comfortably breathe alongside advanced science and technology, though few have logical explanations.

Sony Entertainment Television’s Mere Sai show is a favorite with viewers because it focuses on prevailing societal issues and forces audiences to reflect on these important issues. The upcoming track on the show revolves around the evil of superstition and how people literally live on unsubstantiated superstitions and refuse to question their rationality and live in unwavering blind faith. But superstition is an age-old plight in our country in which more than half the population suffers.

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Popular television actor Jiten Lalwani has been hired to star in this upcoming title. Interestingly, Jiten Lalwani, who personally condemns the obsession with spiritual gurus and such religiosity, describes the character of Gangadhar on the show, who is a rich business and whose life revolves around his guru’s preaching, while deep in the shackles of Superstition.

Share his thoughts, Jiten said, “We all grew up with a number of strange superstitions too, and most of them simply defy logic. From Nimbu Mirchi to black cats, there are tons of weird beliefs we should hold onto. As the world slowly and steadily moves past these superstitions, there are still some beliefs left. Not to forget the “spiritual” gurus who have a large following in our country.

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Well, it won’t be wrong to say that times are changing now, as is their superiority. I would say there is still a long way to go before the entire “Godmen” scenario is banished once and for all. With our show, we’re just trying to get a legitimate message across to our audience, and hope that we too can help change the narrative as little as possible. “

The track will tell the story of how Sai Gangadhar will help to get out of his guru’s trance and finally understand the futility of unfounded superstition and the harm it causes. See Jiten Lalwani as Gangadhar in Mere Sai – Shraddha Aur Saburi Monday through Friday at 7pm on Sony Entertainment Television only.

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