The young relapse video by Claudia Winkleman leaves the fans stunned

A throwback video of a young Claudia Winkleman stunned fans when it was shared on social media.

The Strictly Come Dancing star, 49, is known for her shiny fringe, but the video showed her days before her famous gig.

And the fans were amazed at the difference.

Why was Claudia Winkleman on TV in the 1990s?

The BBC Archives Twitter account shared a video of Claudia that appeared in Good Morning With Anne and Nick from the 1990s.

Host Nick Owen greeted two guests for chat up lines.

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The account said, “#OnThisDay 1996: Good Morning Anne and Nick, designed by some dating experts to offer some top tips on how to improve your traction.”

One of them was the “chat-up connoisseur” Claudia Winkleman.

Claudia looked very different in the ’90s (Photo credit: BBC Archive / Twitter)

What did she do in the video clip?

The then 24-year-old Claudia had never seen an edge and gave advice on how to improve your “traction”.

When asked about the best techniques for going up to and entertaining someone, she replied, “Eye contact. It’s all about eye contact.

“It’s not cool to talk to someone, so you can’t try to be cool.

It started out pretty wispy and flowing, but I immediately had my barber change it for a strong, Lego-like style.

“You have to do it with a gay devotion. I asked a lot of friends and they said waving [is a good way to get someone’s attention]. ”

Shortly after this gig, she adopted her trademark.

“It started out pretty wispy and flowing, but I immediately had my barber change it for a strong, Lego-like style,” she said in a recent interview.

“When I saw that I fell in love and haven’t been without it since.”

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Claudia and her trademark (Image Credit: BBC)

How did the fans react to the footage?

Commenting on the footage, a Twitter user said: “Ha… @ ClaudiaWinkle definitely sees some forehead and very little of the panda.

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“Great job title, even though ‘chat-up connoisseur’ I bet you didn’t get that from the school career counselor.”

Another called her “unrecognizable”.

A third tweeted: @ClaudiaWinkle Before the edge! “

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