Their family tragedy and their “gendered” children

Gabby Logan is currently one of the BBC’s experts on the Euro 2020 championship.

Experienced athlete Gabby is a renowned sports expert and former professional gymnast.

But just because she’s an experience presenter doesn’t mean she’s immune to the occasional glitch on the show.

While covering the game between Wales and Turkey at Euro 2020, she had to apologize publicly.

BBC coverage was interrupted several times by technological issues and viewers flooded social media with complaints.

Gabby Logan is a BBC sports expert who covers the 2020 euros (Credit: SplashNews)

Gabby continued, “Wherever you are from I think you would agree that it was a great half of football but we have to apologize.

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“These pictures come from the Uefa headquarters, of course.

“They control the feed. Obviously there were some technical problems. “

Gabby Logan 2021
Euro 2020 host Gabby Logan is worth a pretty penny (Image credit: SplashNews)

How much is Euro 2020 host Gabby Logan worth?

According to IdolNetWorth, Gabby is worth around £ 5.7 million.

Gabby has had a successful sports and media career that dates back to the early 1990s.

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Gabby, born in 1973 – now 48 – had to retire from rhythmic gymnastics at the age of only 17 due to sciatica.

However, after attending Durham University, she ended up making regular television appearances.

Gabby Logan with Kenny Logan
Gabby with her husband Kenny (Image: SplashNews)

She was a sports presenter for Sky Sports until 1996 and joined ITV in 1998.

After hosting her hit series On The Ball and various other ITV hosting gigs, she joined the BBC in 2007.

She has been the main presenter for the BBC’s athletics coverage for years.

You can also recognize them by their television shows like Splash !, A League of Their Own, The Invictus Games, and The Edge.

Who is the Euro 2020 host Gabby Logan married to? How many children does she have?

Gabby is married to Kenny Logan. He is a former Scottish professional rugby player.

They have been married since 2001 and share twins, Louis and Reuben, who were born in 2005.

The couple initially struggled to get pregnant and underwent IVF treatment to have their children.

Gabby has been frank about how challenging the whole process was.

When speaking to IVF BabbleShe went into the process with an “athlete mentality”.

She explained, “I think I’ve taken the athlete mentality and thought this is something I just have to go through and when I do the rewards are great.”

Is Gabby Logan raising her children gender neutral?

In 2017, Gabby said she was letting her children be “gender neutral” at home.

She told The Sun that she believes it is important to let her children, who are 15 years old, naturally choose who they want to be.

Gabby said, “I promote gender fluidity at home.

“I’m not trying to force my daughter to only like girls’ things like clothes and makeup.

“And I’m not trying to force my son to only be interested in typically masculine things.”

What happened to Gabby Logan’s brother?

Tragically, Gabby Logan’s brother tragically died when he was just 15 years old.

Gabby recently opened up about the experience following Christian Eriksen’s collapse and cardiac arrest during Euro 2020.

In a speech earlier this week on BBC Radio 4’s Today, she explained how he died playing soccer in the garden.

She herself was only 19 years old at the time.

Gabby said, “Saturday night brought back many memories of Daniel about what happened to Christian and I realized that my own personal journey, my career, in many ways grew out of a need to have some kind of connection with his life . ”

She added, “When someone dies very young it’s easy to almost deify them and glorify their life, but he’s already been viewed by Wales U18s, he was signed for Leeds United and he was brimming with passion and hope” and Possibility.”

What is the name of Gabby Logan’s podcast?

Gabby has a popular podcast series called The Mid Point. Recent guests include Ruby Wax, Gareth Thomas, and Russell Brand.

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