There are Galaxy chocolate chip cookies out there, and early reviewers absolutely love them

There are new Galaxy Chocolate Chip Cookies that look completely divine!

Don’t just take our word for it, all of the foodie bloggers on Instagram had preview samples and gave their verdict.

Helen J Tea shared a series of pictures and videos of her chocolate biccies and said she “absolutely” loved them.

The new Galaxy Chocolatey Moments will be on sale soon (Credit: Galaxy)

What do we know about the new Galaxy Chocolate Chip Cookies?

They are called Galaxy Chocolatey Moments and each package contains 10 cookies.

And if you love the silky smooth taste of Galaxy chocolate, you’ve come to the right place.

Galaxy said they were created with “pleasure in mind” and the description is sure to make us drool.

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“Galaxy Chocolatey Moments are delicate shortcake cookies that are smothered in delicious chocolate,” said the blurb.

Galaxy Chocolatey Moments are delicate shortcake cookies smothered in delicious chocolate.

“With an appealing curved shape, these biscuits are definitely worth taking a break.”

They’re pretty low in calories, too – with just 114 calories in a two-cookie serving.

new galaxy cookies
They have a thick Galaxy chocolate coating (Image credit: Instagram / HelenJTea)

What did early testers say about the chocolate chip cookies?

On Instagram, Helen J Tea gave them a glowing review.

She said, “Absolutely delighted with the taste of the shortcake and the Galaxy chocolate coating was a decent thickness.”

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Her Galaxy-loving followers have not been backward when it comes to voicing their views on the bikes.

One commented, “need to get this OMG!”

Another added, “That looks lush.”

A third said: “I need it in a cup of tea NOW! “

Another repeated our chocolate-loving feelings with her comment.

“So much chocolate and so little time,” they joked.

14 Galaxy Chocolatey Moments Silky
You get 10 biscuits in a pack and a recommended serving of two contains 114 calories (Credit: Galaxy)

Where can I get them and how much do they cost?

The cookies are not yet available to the general public, but you only have a few days to dream about the cookies before you can get your chops around them.

Galaxy’s new Chocolatey Moments will be available at Sainsbury’s from February 7th.

They will head to Tesco about a week later on February 15th.

You get 10 biscuits in each packet and they have an MSRP of £ 1.50 per packet.

We’re making this a bargain at 15p a biscuit!

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