These startups are trying to solve Amazon’s potty problem, helping delivery drivers find relief on the go

A rendering of Throne bathroom facility designed for mobile workers. (Image via Throne)

Amazon stepped into an unexpected public relations mess recently when company officials claimed that its workers would never have to resort to urinating in bottles.

The absurdity of the situation came to a head last week after evidence quickly emerged that Amazon delivery drivers — not to mention Uber, UPS and FedEx drivers —  do in fact regularly relieve themselves while on the go. In a rare apology issued late Friday night, Amazon apologized for its snarky tweets and pledged to address what it called a “long-standing, industry-wide issue.”

“We don’t yet know how, but will look for solutions,” the company wrote in its apology.

Well, help may just be around the corner for Amazon’s potty problem.

Amazon offers rare apology, says it will look for solutions to drivers peeing in bottles

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