Thieves in balaclavas reach for the TV judge’s phone

Robert Rinder was attacked yesterday by a gang of “boys with balaclavas”.

The 42-year-old lawyer and TV judge used social media to tell his followers about the incident and urge them to help him catch the thieves.

Judge Robert Rinder said three boys ambushed him Wednesday night (Credit:

Ambushed TV judge Robert Rinder

Robert wrote on Wednesday evening (March 24th) on Twitter that three boys had ridden by on their bikes and had taken his cell phone out of his hand.

At the time he was on Finchley Road and Canfield Gardens in South Hampstead.

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He also said they laughed when he yelled at them.

The thug rode by on bikes and grabbed his cell phone (Photo credit: Peter Manning /

Robert tweeted, “Three boys who wore balaclavas on bicycles (Finchley Road and Canfield Gardens) just took my cell phone out of my hand.

“They laughed when I screamed to drop it. I am shocked but reassured and privileged. Others are less fortunate. “

I have just had three boys in balaclavas grab my cell phone.

The TV favorite urged his followers to bring the thieves to justice and offered a “financial reward”.

He continued, “Help me find these people and stop them (financial reward).”

Celebrity friends send supportive messages

Singer Beverley Knight was one of those who supported Robert in the answers.

She said, “I’m so sorry Robert. I don’t care about privileges … nobody, absolutely nobody likes a little rattle. “

Robert replied, “As you know, our phones are lifelines for friends and family (especially when blocked). For thousands of other victims, it means getting cut off or losing a fortune. Thank you for your love.”

TV presenter and former MP Anna Soubry also tweeted to Robert and wrote: “Send hugs x.”

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And news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy replied, “You poor thing! What an absolute [bleeps]… The main thing is that you are okay. “

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