This BTS video of Pulkit Samrat and Unni, the elephant from Haathi Mere Saathi, defines friendship goals

If there’s one thing that Pulkit Samrat will take back from the sets of Haathi Mere Saathi, it’s his friendship with the elephants, especially Unni, the star elephant with whom the actor spent countless adventurous days, both before and outside the camera. And this BTS video is a testament to their wonderful journey together while filming Eros International’s exciting trilingual saga of man versus game.

In Haathi Mere Saathi, Pulkit plays a mahout. Obviously he had a lot of shots with Unni the elephant throughout the film. According to a source from the sets: “Pulkit’s Journey with the Elephant, Unni wasn’t just limited to the recordings. Before he even turned to the cameras, Pulkit had to familiarize himself with Unni and vice versa. It was very important for both of them to build a good relationship so that they were comfortable while shooting. “

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Given the more affable nature of Pulkit and the exceptionally friendly nature of Unni, it didn’t take the two much time to unite. The source continues: “Within a very short time, Unni and Pulkit felt comfortable and understood each other during the shoot. Interestingly, their camaraderie extended beyond their scenes as they bonded pretty well. Pulkit loved hanging out with the elephant and also fed him bananas and jaggery. He was patient enough to circumvent Unni’s schedules and made sure Unni was well fed and rested while filming.

In this BTS video, Pulkit can be seen playing around with Unni, talking to him and also feeding him jaggery. You can see Pulkit addressing the elephant as “Handsome Unni”. In addition, an enthusiastic pulkit can be heard happily declaring “Friends forever” as he rides high on Unnis’ back. This video is sure to make you long for a friend like Unni!

Watch the video here:

Haathi Mere Saathi is a story inspired by multiple events that traces the narrative of a man (Rana Daggubati) who spends most of his life in the jungle and is dedicated to protecting the ecosystem. The first trilingual film of 2021 will be released as Aranya in Telugu and Kaadan in Tamil.

This will be a hat trick for Rana as Haathi Mere Saathi is the third trilingual film after the Mammut Baahubali series and The Ghazi Attack. The film is being produced by Eros Motion Pictures, a division of Eros STX Global Corporation, an established leader in the Indian film industry with a track record of over 40 years.

Isn’t this video all wonderful! Get ready for the magical journey Rana and Pulkit embarked on March 26, 2021 with these majestic elephants at a theater near you.

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