This July – Enjoy Vdesi Action, Romance, Crime, and Mystery

Gone are the days of reading about acclaimed international content that would take forever to syndicate and bring it to the Indian subcontinent at exorbitant costs. These days it has never been easier to watch international shows across genres or cultures and leading entertainment super app MX Player pioneered some of the most anticipated international shows in a local language of our choice to bring the Indian audience to some of the most anticipated international shows!

With MX VDesi, the platform brings some of the best international shows to Indian screens and hosts the largest catalog of international shows in the local languages ​​Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Enjoy Vdesi action, romance, crime and mystery this July with new episodes released every Wednesday for 4 shows not to be missed and available to stream for FREE!

Here is a list of the popular shows the platform is launching this month:

The S3 outpost

Thirst for power and royalty meets supernatural adventure in this English show that follows Talon, the only survivor of a race called ‘Blackbloods’. On her journey to this outpost, Talon discovers that she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to master in order to save herself and defend the world against a fanatical dictator. If fantasy is your thing, this is the show for you. Now watch all of the new episodes dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.


The residents of Hera Palace, a luxurious 100-story penthouse apartment, have many secrets and hidden ambitions. Sim Su Ryeon, who was born into wealth, is the queen of penthouse apartments. Cheon Seo Jin, the prima donna of the residence, does everything to give her daughter everything. Oh Yoon Hee comes from a poor family, but she aspires to enter high society by becoming the queen of the penthouse, which in her eyes is the pinnacle of success. Binge now watch all episodes of this award-winning Korean drama dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


Accused for a murder she did not commit, Nadya must make a daring escape from prison to prevent her stepsister Irina from marrying Igor, the man they both love. As they clash, we learn the truth about who killed Igor’s sister and begin to understand the depth of hatred between the two. Over time, Nadya must continue fighting to prove her innocence and uncover the corrupt business empire on which Irina’s family built her name. In the meantime, Irina must learn lessons in forgiveness, humility, and love. This Ukrainian show is dubbed in Hindi and goes on July 2021.


Hekimoglu is a Turkish medical drama that follows the life of Ates Hekimoglu, a successful doctor solving new complex cases. He investigates diseases as a detective and conducts these studies together with a team of 3 specialist doctors selected by him. The drama will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu and the episodes will air on Jan.the July 2021.

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