This Morning host Alison Hammond is in tears over the death of her mother

This Morning host Alison Hammond cried over her mother’s death during an emotional interview with Joey Essex.

The 46-year-old star got emotional while talking to the reality star about a new documentary that explores the grief over the loss of his mother when he was only 10 years old.

Alison got emotional during the interview (Image credit: ITV)

What happened to Alison Hammond this morning?

Joey was in the studio to talk about the BBC One documentary Joey Essex: Grief And Me.

In it, he faces the grief he has held in himself over the years since his mother took her own life when he was only 10 years old.

Alison congratulated him on this achievement.

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“I think this is the first time I’ve seen you, Joey … authentic, true, pure,” she said.

“I saw the documentary and firstly I didn’t know your mother had committed suicide, but secondly it was quite refreshing to see you in your whole, honest self.”

She added, “There will be so many people out there looking at this documentary and thinking about their own situation and losing someone.”

Alison Hammond got emotional while interviewing Joey Essex that morning today
Joey described his funeral journey (Image: ITV)

What did Alison say about her own mother?

Joey went on to explain how difficult it was for him to face his pent-up grief and see a therapist.

He also said that he hopes people who watch the documentary will be inspired to go on their own healing journey.

“Honestly, when I saw it, it stopped me,” Alison replied.

“Of course, I didn’t lose my mother when I was 10, which I can’t imagine you would go through.

Obviously, I didn’t lose my mother when I was 10, which I can’t imagine.

“I lost my mother when I was an adult.”

With a cracking voice and tears in her eyes, Alison said emotionally, “But there was a moment where you said, ‘I would give up everything – all the fame, the fortune – for just an hour with my mother. ‘

“It killed me … it is killing me now. We are sorry.”

Joey then said he wanted to hug Alison.

This moring host, Alison Hammond, spoke about Caroline Flack
Alison rose through the ranks to become a household name (Image Credit: ITV)

Alison is busy

Alison’s late mother would certainly be proud of her daughter.

Not only is she a household name, but she has recently revealed other career developments.

Last month, she told fans about her new book, You’ve Got To Laugh, which describes her career and rise.

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“I’m so flattered that I even got the opportunity to write a book,” she said.

“It’s wonderful! I mean, it’s empty right now. But trust me! The book will be ready.”

Alison was also nominated for a National Television Award.

Joey Essex: Grief and Me will air on BBC One tomorrow night (Thursday 3rd June) at 9pm.

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