This morning star promises to drop three sizes

Josie Gibson revealed her weight loss mission when she vows to drop three sizes – from a height of 18 to a 12.

The 35-year-old This Morning star admitted she’s overworking her life after slowly creeping up to size 18.

It comes days after Josie, who is known to have lost six stones in 2013, left Twitter because of “negative” trolls.

Josie Gibson has achieved her weight loss goal (Photo credit:

What did Josie Gibson say about her weight loss?

The star admitted that while loving her figure, she “wants to go back to a healthy size 12”.

Speak with CloserJosie added, “I started a weight loss journey in 2013 for the first time. I lost 6th place over a year with a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

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“I laid about four and a half stones when I was pregnant with my son Reggie – who is now two -.”

To achieve her goal, Jodie has tabled a series of resolutions for 2021.

The presenter wants to drop three dress sizes (Credit:

This includes eating a healthy diet, drinking more water, and 30-45 minutes of exercise.

She continued, “I want to shift quite a bit of weight, but if I imagined it as a big goal it would put me off. I’ve turned it into manageable weekly chunks. “

Josie’s weight loss journey

In 2018, she announced that she had moved two stones in just 12 weeks.

Josie told fans that she “dropped 3 dress sizes” by following a diet plan that had all of her meals and snacks delivered to her door.

Josie Gibson
Josie previously lost six stones in weight (Photo credit:

Meanwhile, in 2013, she was known to shrink from a size of 20 to a size of eight in an attempt to transform her body.

Four years later, she went under the knife to remove excess skin that had troubled her since taking it off.

Why did the star leave Twitter?

Last week Josie announced on social media that she was taking a break from Twitter.

She said her decision was due to “annoying and unhealthy” comments from trolls.

She shared: “Right, I won’t be on the phone and socialized until January 13th. So if I don’t answer, I’m not being rude.

“I keep finding myself on my phone reading into all the negativity, and it’s not healthy for anyone.

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“I actually feel like Al because I talk on the phone in such a way that it bothers me.”

It’s not the first time Josie has defended herself – having previously blown up a troll for commenting on her weight in October.

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