This morning was ravaged by Ofcom complaints following an 800 calorie diet

This morning, after the appearance of Dr. Michael Mosley was hit by nearly 2,000 Ofcom complaints last week.

ITV viewers were furious after the medical professional discussed his approach to “lockdown weight” loss.

Speaking to hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, he claimed that consuming 800 to 1,000 calories a day is “safe and effective”.

This morning was hit by Ofcom complaints following the appearance of Michael Mosley (Credit: ITV).

This morning was riddled with Ofcom complaints

In addition, the specialist suggested that viewers follow a diet with eggs, low-calorie soups and “some” fish.

From Dr. Mosley’s plan, surprised, said host Dermot: “Doctor, is that it? Can you still eat something during the day? Can you eat something “

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He replied, “Obviously you can have plenty to drink as long as there are no calories in it.

“So much water and tea.”

Michael spoke to hosts Alison and Dermot (Credit: ITV)

According to The sunTV watchdog Ofcom received 1,932 complaints about the segment.

In the meantime, the audience was appalled by Dr. Michael’s comments.

What did the viewers of This Morning say?

On Twitter, one said, “I’m a huge @thismorning fan and love watching the show. However, it is irresponsible to encourage people to only eat 800 calories a day! “

Additionally, a second shared, “I still can’t believe a doctor advertised an 800-calorie diet on #thismorning. This is so harmful to people and children who are watching who will now obey this. I eat 1700 calories and have lost 12 kg since January. Food is fuel, not the enemy. “

A third added, “I can’t believe #ThisMorning had a doctor promoting the 800 calorie a day diet! This is so unhealthy !!! Please, please don’t take this advice. “

A fourth commented, “#This morning promoting an 800-1000 calorie diet to shed those lockdown pounds is disgusting! This is harmful rhetoric from @itvnews and the entire segment could have been a massive trigger for anyone looking into EDs. “

This is so harmful to people and children who are watching who will now obey this

In addition, a fifth wrote: “There is no way #ThisMorning promotes an 800-calorie diet. We have been living with restrictions for a year. Gaining weight is natural.

“Don’t kill yourself if we don’t live in normal times. It’s shameful @ITV. “

ED! has asked This Morning for a comment.

The professional was classified as “irresponsible” (Photo credit: YouTube)

Who is Michael Mosley?

The medic is now best known for his Channel 4 show Lose A Stone in 21 Days.

He also popularized the 5: 2 diet trend.

Michael previously hit back on comments that his diets were “unsafe” and harmful to people with eating disorders.

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He wrote on Twitter: “I understand that eating disorders are complex, stressful and very dangerous.

“That said, the 800 calorie approach has been used in randomized controlled trials of over 800 patients, and the benefits for those who are overweight or obese are remarkable.”

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