Tim makes a great revelation to Yasmeen

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Tim Yasmeen is making a shocking revelation. But will she be able to cope with the news?

In the next week’s scenes, Yasmeen is thrown when a customer asks her about Geoff and says she wants to book his magic act. Yasmeen is not sure what to do and flees the restaurant.

Elaine later suggests removing all traces of her perpetrator from Speed ​​Daal. In doing so, Alya discovers a pile of unopened definitive inquiries and Yasmeen fades.

Alya discovers definitive demand letters (Credit: ITV)

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Alya worriedly opens the pile of the last demands. She decides to seek professional advice, fearing that the stress will bring her grandmother over the edge.

When Imran reminds Alya that Yasmeen has not yet paid her legal fees, Alya realizes that her grandmother’s financial problems are much worse than she thought.

Coronation Street Spoiler: The bailiffs show up

Alya soon tells Yasmeen that she has made an appointment with the bank and her only hope is to explain how Geoff forced her to reduce the debt.

Alya suggests that her grandmother sell the community center to pay off her debt, but she doesn’t listen.

Yasmeen looks through her old jewelry box and suggests that Alya sell jewelry that her ex-husband Sharif gave her.

Yasmeen suggests selling some of her jewelry (Credit: ITV)

After Alya finds the jewelry box at work, she returns it to Yasmeen. But they are soon interrupted by a knock on the door. When Alya opens the door, she finds two bailiffs demanding payment of the debt.

Alya tries desperately to explain that Yasmeen is not responsible for the debt.

The bailiff explains to Alya that they will set up a repayment plan. However, if Yasmeen does not keep up with the payments, they will instead confiscate the goods.

The bailiffs show up (Credit: ITV)

Later, Alya and Yasmeen attend a meeting with a bank manager who gently explains that they are responsible for signing the loan agreements.

However, Yasmeen begins to suffer from a panic attack when she is convinced that the manager is Geoff. Frightened, she flees the room.

Upon her return, Alya urges Yasmeen to consider selling the community center as it would solve all of her money problems.

Tim makes a shocking revelation to Yasmeen

Yasmeen later tells Alya, Ryan, and Elaine that she knows they are doing their best to help her, but they must let her make her own decisions if she is to move on.

Tim has some news for Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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After Tim receives a call from Geoff’s lawyer, he is in shock.

He reveals to Sally that Geoff wants him to own half of # 6 and a quarter of Speed ​​Daal.

How will Yasmeen take the news?

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