Timeline of how England’s rules will relax

Lockdown restrictions are expected to ease over the next few weeks as Boris Johnson unveils a roadmap to end the coronavirus lockdown.

Since January 4, the British have been told to stay home and leave their homes only for essential reasons, including shopping, work, exercise and medical assistance.

However, it seems that restrictions could ease from early March by July in hopes of some normalcy.

On Monday (February 22nd) the Prime Minister will announce the government’s timetable during a briefing.

Here is a timeline of how the restrictions are expected to gradually ease over the next few months.

The Prime Minister will announce the government’s road map for the lockdown on Feb.22 (credit: ITV).

Lockdown restrictions: March

All schools including primary and secondary schools in England are expected to reopen on March 8th.

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Sports and outdoor activities after school are also allowed to restart.

In the meantime, nursing home residents can have a single visitor starting March 8th.

Boris Johnson announces the reopening of schools and funds for catch-up classes
Schools are slated to reopen March 8th (credit: Pexels)

The visitor can enter and hold hands after a coronavirus test and wearing protective equipment.

On the same day, people in public spaces are also allowed to meet someone from another household in order to establish contacts.

This means that people can sit together and have a picnic or have a coffee in a park.

In the meantime, larger groups of people can meet outside from March 29th.

Up to six people or two households can meet, even in private gardens.

Lockdown restrictions - people allowed to meet in parks?
Brits may be able to meet someone from a different household in March (Credit: Pexels)

In addition, tennis courts and golf courses, as well as other outdoor sports facilities, could reopen on March 29th.


Non-essential stores, as well as pubs and restaurants that are expected to be served outdoors, may reopen in the following month.

University campuses could also be reopened.

In the meantime, domestic holidays may be allowed, but these are limited to self-sufficiency.

However, according to reports, England won’t give Staycations the green light until June.

Lockdown restrictions - pubs reopen outdoors
In April, pubs might serve outside (Credit: Pexels)

Lockdown restrictions: May

If all goes well with the first two steps, the hairdressers could be back in early May.

Then beauticians and other close contact services will comply with the applicable safety rules.

Brits could also see pubs and restaurants around the house by mid-May.

The 10 p.m. curfew could be scrapped if reopened.

Hairdressers could reopen by May (Credit: Pexels)


By June we could see that weddings were allowed to take place again if the tests for each phase were passed.

Some mixing of the households indoors could also be possible.

Stays could get the green light and ministers hope travel to the UK is possible.

The British are expected to continue working from home whenever possible.

Those who are back at work are expected to be six feet apart and wearing face masks.

Man wearing a face mask in a city
Mask wearing is expected to remain in place (Credit: Unsplash)


With summer in full swing through July, it is expected that vaccination will be offered to all adults in the UK by the end of the month.

If this all goes according to plan, the rules for indoor mixing could be relaxed further, but the social distancing remains.

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Many Britons wonder if a vacation abroad is planned, but it seems that at the moment there is still uncertainty about it.

Each step of the roadmap out of lockdown will depend on the number of cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and transfers.

If a new variant shows up, this can also affect the steps above.


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