Todd Grimshaw will “lose everything” after Billy reunites

On Coronation Street, Todd Grimshaw is set for heartbreak and will lose everything after planning to get Billy Mayhew back.

ITV viewers watched Todd successfully break up Billy with ex-Paul – and ruin their relationship without anyone finding out what he was doing.

He got Billy back – but he’s going to lose him again soon (Credit: ITV)

And this week he pretended to leave Weatherfield to manipulate Billy into reuniting with him.

It worked and the two are back together – but Billy’s ex Paul knows what Todd did.

He raved them both: “Should I express my congratulations here or something?

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“Then you finally have your husband. Credit where credit is due – you played a blind man.

“I can’t believe you fell for his act. You two deserve each other. “

And it seems that Paul is going to expose Todd – and make him lose it all.

Todd Grimshaw believes he has everything he wants now (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street chief reveals that Todd Grimshaw will lose everything

Corrie chief Iain Macleod has said that Todd’s happiness won’t last.

“He will ultimately and temporarily look like he has everything he wants,” Iain previously told Entertainment Daily and other media outlets.

“Unfortunately, the effort Todd went to to get what he wanted will be exactly what will be his undoing in the end.

“Todd is getting his happy ending, but it’s already got a massive break.

“In a very explosive, dramatic – again pretty thriller – style, Todd’s machinations will come to light later in the year and he will lose everything in the end.”

Iain added, “Todd is Todd, he’s pretty Teflon. He will lose everything again and then set about getting it back, or something of equal value, pretty quickly.

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“We really want to enjoy this character. We understand that the best bad guys are the ones who like to hate you and almost laugh at your audacity.

“Todd has the ability to be very funny and entertaining as a villain.”

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