Tom Jones feared he would not survive the death of his wife Linda

Sir Tom Jones says that after his wife died, he had to spend time with a grief counselor to get through the ordeal.

The 80-year-old voice star and singing legend said the loss of Linda in 2016 was “the lowest point” in his life after 59 years of marriage.

Tom and Linda spent nearly six decades together (Image credit: YouTube)

What did Sir Tom Jones say about his wife?

As the fifth anniversary of Linda’s death drew near, Sir Tom shared his heartbreak.

He also revealed the terrible guilt he felt after she died of lung cancer at the age of 75.

Speak with The Observer In the magazine, he said, “I honestly didn’t think I’d make it.

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“I had to see a grief therapist because I kept thinking, ‘Have I done enough? Was I in that case? Did it slip away without my really realizing what happened? ‘

“But the therapist said, ‘No, she had lung cancer, there is nothing you could have done’.”

Sir Tom Jones has revealed his despair over the death of his wife Linda
Sir Tom had a hard time after Linda passed away (Brett D. Cove /

Linda wanted to be reminded that she had laughed

Sir Tom also announced that he had learned of his wife’s final diagnosis along the way.

He confessed to her that he feared the grief of losing her would affect his singing.

Do not think that I am dying, think that I am laughing.

She said to him movingly: “Do not think that I will die, think that I will laugh.”

Since her death, Sir Tom – whose hits It’s Not Unusual and Delilah include – has dedicated tracks to Linda on his new album.

One song in particular, I Won’t Crumble If You Fall, contains some poignant lyrics.

Life goes on for Sir Tom Jones after the death of his wife Linda
Life goes on for Sir Tom Jones after Linda’s death (Photo credit:

How did life go on for Sir Tom?

For the singer, life went on. Aside from recording new albums, he’s still a well respected member of The Voice’s jury.

He celebrated his 80th birthday last year, and he received a special birthday message on the show earlier this year.

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He was torn when old friend Stevie Wonder sent him a special video recording that was shown on The Voice.

During the news, Stevie sang a version of Sir Tom’s biggest hit, It’s Not Unusual.

Stevie said to his friend, “I love you with all my heart and I want you to promise me that you will do your best to give us another 80 years.”

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