Too hot to touch: meet Desiree Burch

Too Hot To Handle is on its way back to our screens – and Desiree Burch is on hand to comment on the mess.

Much like Iain Stirling on Love Island, Desiree is there as the voice of the world as we see a group of season two troublemakers trying to keep their hands to themselves.

Whether it is about cheering the contestants on or defeating them with a joke, covet our woman inside when it comes to it the antics of the Turks and Caicos mansions.

(If we don’t include Lana – the AI ​​robot that keeps an eye on all rule violations.)

Here is everything you need to know.

Desiree Burch: What you need to know

Desiree Burch is a 42-year-old American comedian currently living between the US and the UK.

Before setting foot in the entertainment industry, she previously worked as a dominatrix to earn some money while studying.

The actress and comedian lives between the UK and the States (Image: Shutterstock)

And after all, the job was hilarious for her – with Desiree declaring she was young and a virgin when she took on the role in the sex industry.

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Speaking to Jonathan Ross on his show, she said: “I was paid to beat up guys – like every woman wants!”

“I just thought, ‘You know what? I’ll roll up my sleeves and jump right in, find out all about men and their inclinations by finding out what they do behind closed doors. ‘”

Today she is a speaker, stand-up comic and presenter, with Too Hot To Handle being her most famous show.

In addition to Seann Walsh, she also hosted the Netflix game Flinch and can be seen regularly on UK panel shows.

Too hot to handle season 2 cast
Meet the cast of this year’s Too Hot To Handle (Credit: Netflix)

What are the rules for Too Hot To Handle and when does it start?

Too Hot To Handle’s contestants are selected after answering a casting call for a fake TV show that promises sun, sand, and sex over the summer.

Once there, they are told the truth – that it is too hot to handle and they are banned from sex.

To win $ 100,000, they are not allowed to engage in sexual activity.

These include kissing, sex, and even “masturbation”.

If it is not bad enough, they will also be subjected to self-control tests, which guarantee a build-up of tension.

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If you break the rules, you will lose money from the prize fund. A kiss alone is worth $ 3,000 so it has to be worth it.

The first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle will be out on June 23rd.

The second half of the season will be available a week later on June 30th.

Too Hot To Handle returns to Netflix on June 23rd.

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