Top 3 takeaways from Zee Live’s recently launched India Shayari Project on ZEE5

Who would have thought that there would be a day when poetry and shayari lovers would see legends like Javed Akhtar Sahab, Dr. See Kumar Vishwas, Kausar Munir and Zakir Khan on the same stage and tell Shayaris, incidents and anecdotes from their lives. What felt like a dream was turned into a reality that enchanted everyone with ZEE Live’s Independence Day Special – India Shayari Project, which premiered on ZEE5. Under the motto “Celebrate poetry, celebrate freedom”, the special show saw how these outstanding poets shed light on some very special moments in their lives, which gave fans the opportunity to get to know them up close. After poetry and Shayari fans have left plenty of food for thought, here are some of the top highlights from the India Shayari Project.

The living legend Javed Akhtar Sahab shares his thoughts on the present and future of Shayari and makes them accessible to the youth: With all eyes on what Javed Sahab had to say, the master word smith brought to light, like Shayari up to the people will continue to exist are able to feel and feel. The real question, however, is how it hits the right nerve with the audience. As for the path that Shayari is taking, he believes that although the younger generation is not that interested in reading, they are still consuming Shayari through electronic or digital media and the India Shayari Project is also a way to make it accessible to the youth close.

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Kausar Munir explains why she has not been named yet.Shayara ‘and about women in poetry: Kausar Munir, the woman behind magical texts like Love You Zindagi, Maana Ki Hum Yaar Nahin, Falak Tak u deserves and she is about to do that. She adds that she does not believe that poetry has a gender and that as a woman she will experience more pain and emotion than a male counterpart. It’s all about talent and it can’t be further classified by gender.

Zakir Khan talks about the great impact Javed Akhtar had on his life: No price to pay for the assumption that Zakir Khan was in complete awe of sharing the same platform with Javed Akhtars, his presence on t and his charm as the two of them on the same stage shared India Shayari project. Zakir shared how excited and nervous he was at the same time, saying that he ended up clicking a picture of Javed Sahab on the set and sharing it with his father to show him what he achieved in life – the chance to be on the stage with one of the most recognizable names in Indian poetry.

And that’s not all, as Kumar Vishwas gave his fans a treat by telling some of his exclusive poems he wrote during the lockdown. Seeing how he puts emotion into words so beautifully is something you definitely don’t want to miss. Check out ZEE Live’s creation, India Shayari Project, currently streamed on ZEE5.

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