Toyah and Imran have a baby for Christmas

Coronation Street residents Toyah Battersby and Imran Habeeb will have a special Christmas surprise this year.

The counselor and lawyer were desperate to nurture children and help children in trouble.

Imran and Toyah are overjoyed to have a baby to care for (Credit: ITV)

And now the soaps have confirmed that this festive season the couple will get their chance.

Your story will play a central role in this year’s Christmas Day episode.

Toyah, who has long wanted a child, will be delighted when they are given their first opportunity to care for a child.

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In the coming episodes, Toyah and Imran will receive news that their application as foster parents was successful.

You have been through the interview and review process for months and are finally getting good news.

The timing isn’t ideal, however, as Toyah’s nephew Oliver died fresh for the family.

Leanne insists that Toyah and Imran take the baby in (Credit: ITV).

Toyah and Imran worry about Leanne’s reaction, but are relieved when she selflessly insists that she be happy for them.

Only a few days later, the two received a call and took a baby in an emergency room on Christmas Eve.

Immediately they say yes and despite the fact that the placement will only take 24 hours, they are over the moon.

Toyah Battersby has long wanted a baby (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Toyah Battersby is finally having her baby – but only for Christmas

Excited and panicked, the couple make desperate preparations as Christmas goes on around them.

In Corrie’s hour-long episode on Christmas Day, the couple are exhausted but in their element after a sleepless night.

The couple enjoy the challenge of looking after a baby and take advice from the mother of four, Gemma Winter.

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Toyah accepts the advice with thanks, but when it comes down to it she knows she must give Baby Mason back.

But when the time comes, will she be able to?

Coronation Street airs on Christmas Eve at 7.45 p.m. and Christmas Day at 7 p.m. on ITV.

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