Tracy Metcalfe will “get worse before she gets better”

Tracy Metcalfe in Emmerdale will “get worse before she gets better,” warned actress Amy Walsh.

Amy shared how, in the story of Postnatal Depression, Tracy will leave the village to visit Sister Vanessa Woodfield after accidentally scratching her baby Frankie’s face.

Tracy struggles to get by in Emmerdale (Image: ITV)

Viewers know that Tracy is struggling as a new mom.

Next week, Tracy will be horrified when she accidentally scratches her little baby.

However, since Tracy has the disorder, she turns around instead of seeking professional help.

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She blames herself, is afraid anyone will find out, and lies to midwife Wendy about it.

She tells her that Frankie scratched herself – Wendy warns her not to cut Frankie’s nails.

But then Tracy is afraid to touch her baby with the nail clipper.

Emmerdale: Tracy Metcalfe believes baby Frankie is scared of her

Amy tells TV Times, “This is the first time we’ve seen them crumble properly; she really doesn’t get along at all. She feels that Frankie is scared of her. A switch flips in her head and she thinks: ‘My child is scared of me because I hurt him’, it’s terrible. “

The incident will lead Tracy to finally accept that she needs help.

Emmerdale Tracy Metcalfe lies to midwife Wendy we
Tracy Metcalfe lies to midwife Wendy about how Frankie was injured (Image credit: ITV)

But instead of going to her doctor, she will visit Nurse Vanessa for a break.

Amy adds that it will backfire a bit – and it will get a lot worse.

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“She’s going out for a while to visit Vanessa for a break, and that makes her think I can,” Amy adds. “But I think what happens with any type of depression is someone tells you you need help, but the next day you wake up feeling better so you don’t mind.

“I think things get a lot worse before they get better, unfortunately.”

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