Tragic story of Martin and Roman Kemp’s dog

Martin and Roman Kemp are currently starring in Channel 4’s newest series on Celebrity Gogglebox.

And the father-son duo introduced their little rescue dog – Iris – in episode one.

Martin, 59, and Roman, 28, sought solace from the tiny miniature poodle during a harrowing episode of Supervet.

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But your pooch also has a sad story that ended up being very happy.

Iris is a rescue dog who was rescued from the meat trade in China.

Martin and Roman Kemp love their dog Iris on Celebrity Gogglebox (Image: Channel 4)

Where does Martin and Romans dog come from?

Martin and his wife Shirlie, 59, adopted Iris last September.

She traveled all the way from China to Rushton Dog Rescue in Weymouth.

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Rescued from the dog meat trade, all of her hair had to be shaved off when she was first taken into custody.

She had been in her care for almost a year when Charity Ambassador Shirlie fell in love with her while visiting.

Shirlie was on Instagram back then and said: “Had a nice visit to @rushtondogrescue yesterday and fell in love ️ Iris, the miniature poodle rescued from China’s dog meat trade by Rushton … I think she might like it at my house! #toypoodle #rescuedog #dogmeattradesurvivor #rushtondogrescue #pudel #putabowonit. ”

Roman and Martin Kemp on Celebrity Gogglebox
Iris made her television debut on Celebrity Gogglebox (Credit: Channel 4)

And just a few weeks later, she revealed how well the dog had settled into her family.

What did Shirlie Kemp say?

Shirlie updated her fans with, “I thought I’d give a little update on Iris who we saved from @rushtondogrescue

“We will never know what trauma she went through, but she knows full well that she is safe now.

“She loves cuddling and settled in so quickly in our home. It’s so nice to give a dog a new home and a big thank you to Rushton for saving her too. “

While husband Martin has also posted several updates about the pooch on his own Instagram account.

Including: “Iris has settled in really well in the Kemp house. Thank you @rushtondogrescue for finding our little girl !!!”

Finally, the charity was understandably pleased that Iris had found such a loving and glittering home.

At the time of their adoption, they posted on Facebook: “Shirlie Kemp fell in love with Iris, our little meat trade survivor who is as cute as a button !!

“Iris has now been adopted by Shirlie Kemp & Martin Kemp and we couldn’t be happier for all of them !! Iris has a new poodle sister named Pops and they are in love.

“We are so lucky to have such a kind, caring person who understands why we do what we do for our charity. Iris will be a great ambassador for Rushton and tell everyone what is happening in China and their story!

“Iris, you will have the BEST life ever! Be happy, baby, you deserve every second. “

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