Trisha Goddard feared giving the daughter AIDS after the death of her husband

Trisha Goddard has revealed she feared giving her new baby AIDS after her first husband died.

The legendary chat show host, 63, had daughter Billie with then partner Mark Grieve in 1989.

However, her first husband Robert Nestdale died of complications from the virus that same year.

It was only after Robert’s funeral that Trisha found out he was gay.

Trish spoke about her fears (Credit:

Why did Trisha Goddard fear the worst after her husband died?

When Trisha learned of Robert’s secret life after his tragic death, she feared that she had not only caught the virus but also passed it on to her unborn baby.

she said The sun: “I don’t know how I got through. I was Robert’s wife and yet I didn’t know he had AIDS.

“I remember taking this test and being horrified that they might have to draw blood from my little baby.

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“I will never forget this terrible feeling that I passed the disease on through my milk. It was your worst nightmare. “

Trisha let out a sigh of relief when she tested negative.

Trisha Goddard feared she had passed AIDs on to her daughter
Billie grew up as a healthy baby (Credit: ITV)

What happened to your daughter

Trisha eventually gave birth to a healthy baby daughter, Billie, whose father is Trisha’s second husband, Mark Grieve.

Billie, 26, recently appeared on Channel 4 Reality The Bridge.

Trisha will appear in the episode of Piers Morgan’s life stories (February 25th) this week and will turn her tumultuous love life upside down.

She was married and divorced three times, but found happiness again.

Trisha Goddard feared she had passed AIDs on to her daughter
Trisha criticized Ant and Dec (Credit: BBC)

Critical for Ant and Dec.

Professionally, former stewardess Trisha became a huge hit with her daily talk show a day in the 1990s.

Recently she was a fierce advocate for the Black Lives Matter cause and an outspoken critic of the lack of diversity on television.

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Last year, she criticized Ant and Dec for a 2003 sketch of them wearing dark makeup to portray Jamaican women.

“Do you really think you can get people to believe … like it was for a ‘You were framed’ type thing … I thought how undiverse,” she said.

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