Twitter Down

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media communication platforms out there. Since the entire system is online, the community encounters server outages and random errors when trying to access Twitter. Recently, several users reported problems accessing Twitter with a web browser. Developers of the American microblogging platform had already fixed this problem after seeing an outrage on Twitter about the outage of their servers for selected users. Find all the information on the Internet about Twitter downtime here.

Twitter is down for some users on the web, some features are inaccessible

Twitter users found themselves Googling “Is Twitter Down?” on Thursday morning. because the site simply would not load. Most users reported problems with the site, as the app worked fine on both Android and iOS phones. Despite updating the site multiple times, Twitter users were unable to access the tweets.

Update: Twitter has now posted a tweet confirming that the tweets are now visible, but users may continue to have issues with other parts of Twitter for the Web.
“Tweets should now be visible in profiles, but other parts of Twitter for the Web may not load for you. We continue to work to get things back to normal,” the tweet reads.

Users reported that every time they tried to access the Twitter website, they were greeted with “Something went wrong, but don’t worry – it’s not your fault” messages on the screen. The Twitter app on iOS, on the other hand, was working This led most users to believe that something was wrong with their Internet connection, but it later turned out that it was not the Internet, but the Twitter website.
Twitter confirmed the problem and said it was working on it. “For some of you, tweets from profiles on the web may not be loaded, and we’re currently working on a fix. Thank you for sticking with us!” Twitter released.

The Downdetector report shows that more than 80 per cent of users reported problems with the site, especially during 8 a.m., while 16 per cent of Android app users could not access the app and 8 per cent of iOS users reported problems with the app. It’s been almost an hour, but Twitter still hasn’t been able to resolve the issue. The outage seems to have affected many countries, including India.

Is Twitter down?

Many Twitter users have started posting about this recent server malfunction. They claim that the problems occurred after Twitter users tried to log in to their accounts using a web browser. According to Downdetector, the Internet began blowing up the platform with these Twitter server complaints at 1:15 pm. Some also reported problems logging in when using their phone apps. One Twitter user named @mariaamsal wrote: “Hey besties, does anyone know why I can’t sign in to Twitter in the app. this pops up when I try to sign in. Please help me, I don’t want to use Safari”. This Twitter outrage has also been reported by users from countries like the US, UK, Australia and Japan. The developer hasn’t released anything official about the issue, but it seems like the problem might be fixed soon. Try restarting the device and internet connection to fix this issue. Here are some other fan reactions to this recent Twitter outage issue.

How do I download videos from Twitter?

Apart from this, users have also been looking for ways to download videos from Twitter. Twitter follows its copyright rules very strictly, so these Twitter users may need the help of third-party websites and apps to download videos.

  • First, open the Twitter video that needs to be downloaded.
  • Then, search for the Save Tweet Vid or Twitter Video Downloader website in your web browser
  • There are no special requirements to use these two websites. One can even find a similar website and follow the steps.
  • Then they need to return to the Twitter post and copy the entire URL
  • After they open the Save Tweet Vid or Twitter Video Downloader website, they just need to paste the URL there
  • This gives users the option to download the video directly to their gallery
  • Users can also install similar apps on their device and follow the instructions above

Most problems, around 70 per cent, were reported for the Twitter website. Fewer problems were reported by the iPhone, iPad or Android app, at 21 per cent, while 8 per cent complained of a snag due to the server connection.

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