Tyrone admits he’s in love with Alina

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Fiz is dejected when Tyrone confesses he’s in love with Alina. Is this the end for the couple?

Recently, Tyrone Fiz confessed that he shared a kiss with Alina. Although the couple agreed to try again, it looks like they will split up for good.

In the next week’s scenes, Tyrone heads to work while Fiz starts packing for her trailer vacation. On the street, Tyrone explains to Alina that it was Fiz’s idea to move, not his.

After learning from Sally that Tyron was talking to Alina, Fiz scolds her fiancé.

Immigration officers come to inspect Alina’s apartment (Credit: ITV)

When Tyrone is packing the car, he discovers an immigration enforcement van in front of the saloon apartment.

Tyrone speeds by and Alina tells him they are raiding the premises when someone reports them for tax evasion. He immediately accuses Fiz of having bought Alina for immigration.

Fiz is furious with Tyrone for accusing her of buying Alina from the authorities. She looks Tyrone in the eye and wants to know how he is feeling.

He soon admits to Fiz that he is in love with Alina.

Fiz tells Tyrone he’s in love with Alina (Credit: ITV)

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A tired Fiz who has barely slept tells Ches that this isn’t just about Alina, but that her and Tyrone’s relationship died long ago.

Meanwhile, Tyrone thanks Kevin for letting him stay and assures him that he made the right decision to leave Fiz.

Are they over for good?

Storyline shock

Recently, Alan Halsall announced that he was shocked when he discovered the plot for Fiz and Tyrone.

Alan spoke to Entertainment Daily and other media outlets about how he felt when he heard about the plot and said, “Shocked! It sure was a bit of a surprise to me, and then you start looking at your own selfish things as an actor.

“Jennie and I have known each other for 20 years and to be honest, not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy working with this woman.

“She is the most professional and it is just a pleasure to work with her every day. I love working with her. “

Alan was shocked when he first heard about the plot (Credit: ITV)

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He added, “As a character, it’s fantastic, we want to be part of big stories and this is a big story.

“It’s been a big turn for me and I hope it will be a big turn for the audience and I hope people will spit out their cups of tea at 7:30 on a Monday night and say, ‘Oh, what’s he doing now ? ? ‘

“And I’m sure that I will get clamped around the ear a couple of times in Tesco for that. But these are the stories we want to deal with and I’m glad to be a part of them. “

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