Ulrika Jonsson poses in nothing but a towel in a classy Instagram selfie

Ulrika Jonsson isn’t afraid to show off her character on Instagram.

The TV star took to social media on Friday to share her hair care routine with her followers.

Ulrika shared a video of herself in the bathroom after stepping out of the shower.

Ulrika showed up on Instagram (Image credit: Instagram Stories)

What did Ulrika Jonsson post on Instagram?

She was just wearing a towel and she said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair, but it doesn’t look very good right now.

“Obviously a lot has changed over the years.”

However, it wasn’t just her figure that she showed off.

She also showed off her new ink, a quote that read “Mother of Bullies,” and a paw print with her dog’s name on its back.

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Unfortunately, the star’s dog passed away recently.

In her Instagram story, Ulrika confessed that the tattoos were “long overdue”.

Not only that, she also revealed that she had another piercing done.

She wrote: “Sneaky piercing @ravepiercings today. It turns out that I’m a little bleeding … “

The TV star showed off her new ink (Credit: Instagram Stories)

Ulrika reveals private fight

Meanwhile, Ulrika recently spoke about how she dealt with an abusive relationship.

After seeing Mel B in a campaign against domestic violence, 53-year-old Ulrika decided to learn about her own experiences.

In 1998, the TV star was attacked by her then boyfriend Stan Collymore.

After the heartbreaking public confrontation, Ulrika has now announced that she has been approached by domestic violence charities who wanted her to speak.

At the time, however, she refused.

Ulrika Jonsson out and about
Ulrika spoke about personal struggles (Credit: SplashNews.com)

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Now, two decades later, Ulrika has confessed that she is frustrated that she did not take the opportunity.

Write in a column for The sun online, She explained the reason for her decision at the time.

She said, “I didn’t because I felt his one flash of hatred and anger felt so minimal, so reduced, and so insignificant as I measured him against the suffering of other women who were beaten up every day.

“I would have felt fraudulent, attention-grabbing, and like I was taking advantage of the situation.”

“I wish I had drawn attention to the fact that abuse comes in so many forms, and not just corporal punishment,” added the star.

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